“Here at Woodberry of Leamington Spa, we are dedicated to corporate social responsibility which is aligned with our three core business values of Quality, Family and Integrity.”  Tim Barr, General Manager 

Reducing waste

We are proud of how we look after the environment and are continually looking at ways to reduce waste by reusing, repairing, recycling or redistributing products and materials. We want to ensure that we are seen to be doing the right thing by our customers, community and competitors.

  • We recycle 3-4 tons of cardboard every six months
  • We recycle 1 ton of recycled plastics every year
  • We recycle 1 ton of saw dust every month which goes to local businesses
  • Metal furniture that has become damaged and furniture fixings that are deemed faulty are also saved and used for scrap metal

In April 2019 we introduced an initiative to recycle all our polythene waste generated from deliveries of pallets where polythene is used as wrapping protection.  Our aim is to 100% recycle everything.

Recycled Plastic Furniture

We are so passionate about recycling we have a furniture range made from 100% recycled plastics, including hay bale wrappings and plastic milk and juice cartons. Our Greendine furniture is made by our expert craftsmen here in Leamington Spa and the perfect way for you to show your customers how serious you are about protecting the environment.  It features steel reinforcement in the table top and seats which prevents bowing and maintains customer comfort.

FSC® certified

Woodberry are one of the only leading suppliers of outdoor furniture to the commercial hospitality market that are fully FSC® certified. So our customers and their customer have assurity that the wood we use has been ethically and fairly sourced. You can read more about FSC® HERE

Contact us

Our specialist consultants are always on hand to offer advice on environmentally friendly furniture,  industry insight and guidance as and when you need it. We are only a phone call away 0800 6888 983 and would be delighted to hear from you. Email: mail@woodberry.co.uk