A luxury cream grey rattan outdoor sofa set with 2 3 seater sofas and a dining table on a light grey garden deck

Frequently Asked Questions

We have put together a list of our most frequently asked questions, that we hope will help you.

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Q: How quickly can you deliver?

A: If a product is in stock we should be able to deliver within 2-3 days, we do however recommend you get in touch with us to check stock and confirm delivery dates.

Q: How are the products delivered? Flat Pack or Assembled?

A: It depends on the product. We generally deliver flat pack as standard on most of our wooden furniture. This furniture is easy to assemble. We can supply any of the products pre-assembled for you. Please let us know when you order what you require. Pre-assembly will delay supply times slightly.

Q: Do you deliver nationwide?

A: We deliver across the UK, including to Isle of Wight, Highlands of Scotland, Northern Ireland, as well as to the Channel Islands.

Q: Can I collect the products in person?

A: We are happy if you want to arrange collection yourself. Please talk to our team when you order.

Q: Can you do onsite assembly and installation?

A: Of course, we are happy to organise onsite assembly and installation if you require. A delivery and installation charge will apply.


We list the dimensions of our products (l x w x h) on the website product pages and in our brochure on the last page of each category section.

On a product webpage, you may need to click on the dimensions icon then scroll up as it will take the place of the main product image further up the page.

If you cannot find the dimensions for a certain product, please get in touch with us.

Care and Maintenance of Outdoor Furniture

Q: I have some of your picnic tables, please can you advise on treatment?

A: Our Furniture is supplied already treated. After a period of 1-2 years you will notice the furniture turning to a grey colour, at this point we recommend treating annually to get maximum life out of the furniture.
The furniture should be treated with a treated with a white spirit based wood preservative, Woodberry can supply a Treatment Kit with everything you will need to treat up to 10 tables.

Q. What to do if cracks are appearing in the timber?
A. Cracks will naturally open and close in the timber with variation in humidity. Unless they are structurally affecting the table (i.e. a part is becoming wobbly) they are best left alone.

Q: What to do if knots in the timber are weeping sap?

A: Knots, especially in strong sunlight sometimes hold so much resin that you can’t stop it from seeping out.  However, they do hold a finite amount of sap.  Our recommendations are as follows:

Try some clear knotting fluid on some resinous knots in less obvious areas.  Scrape off excess sap on the surface and rag on the clear liquid.  Try not to spread this liquid onto the timber around the knot too much as when you come to retreat the whole table, the treatment may not sit on the knotting fluid very well.
See if this stops the weeping.  It would probably be most cost effective for you to source this knotting fluid locally.

Q: How do I care for Teak and Rattan Outdoor Furniture?

A: We have a range of advice guides – click here to read

Storage of Outdoor Furniture, Cushions and Parasols

Q: How do I store Rattan Outdoor Furniture?

A: The synthetic rattan furniture that we supply is weather proof. Remove the glass table tops and cushions for inside storage. Stack the armchairs and move the furniture to a sheltered position from the wind if possible.

Q: How do I store outdoor dining tables and chairs over winter?

A: Outdoor furniture is fine to keep outdoors over winter, but if it is not in use, we recommend stacking it in a sheltered place such as the lee of a wall or under a covered area. If storing indoors, store furniture in a cool, dry environment to prevent growth of mould and mildew.

Q: How do I store Parasols over winter?

A: We recommend that you store parasols in a cool, dry place. Do not store in warm or damp conditions as this will lead to mould and mildew growth.

Q: What about cushions?

A: We recommend storing in a cool, dry place.

Q: What about furniture (picnic tables) that I cannot move to a sheltered position?

A: Picnic tables and fixed position outdoor furniture will be fine outdoors over winter. If they are in need of retreatment to preserve the wood, ensure the furniture is dry and choose a dry day for treating it with preserve. Please see our maintenance guides for cleaning and treatment advice – click here

We do also supply UPVC weather covers to fit tables, chairs and picnic tables if required. Click here to find out more


A UPVC weather cover half covering a circular wooden picnic table located on grass

Replacement Parts

Q: My furniture is still within its structural guarantee terms, but is broken what do I do?

A: We pride ourselves in supplying well-built robust outdoor furniture for commercial use. This is why our furniture comes with long term structural guarantees. We do reserve the right to void warranty if the furniture has been mistreated (vehicle impact, cigarette burns, standing on furniture etc). If you have something that has broken, please contact our team.

Q: Do you supply replacement parts for Parasols?

A: If we have supplied you with parasols, then we can supply you with any of the replacement parts for these. If your parasols are from a different source we cannot advise on compatibility of the parts. Click here for parasol spare parts



Bespoke Requirements

Q: Do you do…..?

Plaques and engraving for benches – click here

Printing on parasols/ barrier canvas- click here

Stones for gabion sets- click here

Q: I have different bespoke requirements, can you help?

A: Call us! We craft products in our Leamington Spa workshop to bespoke requirements or we can generally source what a customer is looking for regarding outdoor furniture solutions.

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