Woodberry’s Supply Chain

We think it is important that we share with you where our commercial garden furniture products are carefully sourced from.

We are a company with integrity at our core and work hard to be transparent about our supply chain.

We are scrupulous in our selection of manufacturing companies we work with; the factories are vetted and employee welfare standards are a priority.

Please give us a call and we would be very pleased to talk to you about our supply chain and specific products and materials. 01926 889922

Where does Woodberry Outdoor Furniture come from?

Here is a list of the countries we source our commercial patio furniture products from:

Gazebos, some Wooden Picnic Tables and Benches, Litter Bins & Dining Cabins

Europe, including Germany, Netherlands, Latvia, and Poland
Tables & Chairs, Picnic Tables, Recycled Plastic Lumber & Accessories

Further afield including India and Turkey,
Tables and Chairs and Gabion cages.

Far East, including Thailand, Indonesia, China and Vietnam
Teak Furniture, Tables & Chairs, Parasols, Patio Heaters and Gazebos


FSC® Certified

Woodberry is one of the few suppliers with full FSC Certification (FSC C115839). This is incredibly important to us.

The wood we use is redwood and whitewood pine from sustainable forests in Northern Europe.

FSC® Certification badge C115839

Recycled Plastic

The A-Frame Recycled Plastic Picnic Tables we sell are made in Warwickshire from european milled recycled plastic.

The recycled plastic lumber is made from HDPE, LDE and PET plastics. Or to put it more simply:

  • Plastic bottles
  • Bubble wrap
  • Pallet stretch wrap
  • Haybale wrappings



A brown recycled plastic A frame picnic table on a patio

On-Site manufacture in Leamington Spa

As well as designing many of our commercial outdoor furniture products, the team do manufacture a variety of wood products on-site here in Leamington Spa.

We have the expertise, and this gives us the flexibility to design new patio furniture products based on customer feedback.

It also means we know the outdoor furniture products inside and out, and appreciate how to maintain it to ensure it lasts for years of commercial use.

Continually Monitoring our supply chains

We are continually developing and sourcing new ranges of outdoor furniture as well as monitoring the manufacture and supply of our existing products.

Over the last 2 years, we have found stock and shipping times challenging, and the welfare ethics of some countries unacceptable.

This is why we now have a shorter, more controllable supply chain with the majority of our products now coming from Europe and UK.

Shipping and Delivery

Outdoor Furniture products sourced from South East Asia and India come on container ships with generally a 2 month shipping time.

Outdoor Furniture products sourced from Europe come via land on lorries with generally a 2 week shipping time.

Outdoor Furniture products made on-site in the UK are continually being made and stored.

Once products are on-site in Leamington Spa, we deliver these nationwide across the UK with kerb side pallet delivery on 18-tonne articulated lorries.

This is why we are unable to deliver to residential addresses as the lorries are generally too large for the residential streets and kerb-side delivery is more difficult.

Delivery of commercial outdoor furniture

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We’d be happy to discuss any supply chain or product questions.

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