A 1.8m long A Frame picnic table made from recycled plastic located on a patio

Every day we are hearing more about how we need to look after our planet and reduce the amount of waste we generate. As a nation we are all much more aware of the longevity of items we purchase, recycling and reducing our carbon footprint.

Sustainability is essential in every commercial organisation and here at Woodberry’s we encourage the use of upcycled and recycled furniture wherever possible. Well designed and durable items mean it is much easier to upcycle furniture. Some of our products are manufactured from high quality recycled plastic material. This range is part of Woodberry’s Greendine and includes benches, planters, tables and waste bins.

Upcycling is the process of taking an item that is old, often damaged and depleted and turning it into something attractive and useable.

Some people actually turn this into a very enjoyable hobby keeping a look out for tired and worn out objects that could be rejuvenated and given a new lease of life in outdoor spaces. One man’s junk is another man’s treasure and this has never been more true when it comes to upcycling. Upcycling is a growing trade with a lot of local charities jumping on the bandwagon to offer items for sale that have been reconditioned and decorated to a very high standard. It is often almost impossible to tell an upcycled piece of furniture from that of a newly crafted piece. With a little patience and some tender love and care it is very easy to create an object of beauty out of something that once looked rather tired and ordinary.

We are really enjoying the latest trends in outdoor furniture, the amazing summer hews of sea greens and blues featured on a lot of the rattan furniture this season, are very attractive around patio areas. These colours can easily be incorporated into an upcycling project. Adding a pop of colour to a tired set of furniture can bring it back to life and give it a lovely relaxed summer feel.

Rattan furniture made from natural wicker is a notably popular choice of commercial furniture and can easily be spray painted.  Firstly, you must clean the pieces with warm soapy water and a soft cloth to ensure you remove any debris and dead insects. Secondly, you must put a coat of primer on, this will help even out any scuffs to the wicker and will mean you need to use less paint. Thirdly, you should spray several light coats of paint. It is vital that the furniture is sprayed lightly to give an even finish and a quicker drying time. Remember to make sure you let each coat dry before applying the next one. How many coats needed will depend on the desired colour, usually three coats will be plenty.

Commercial outdoor spaces always look complete with the decoration of gorgeous ornate wooden troughs and planters. Loaded with seasonal summer flowering geraniums, fuscias and lobelia. These pieces are also very easy and quick to upcycle and can give a completely different feel to your outdoor space. The much darker rustic colours of autumn and winter and the contrasting shades symbolic of spring and summer. We are really enjoying the trend on wood paints in honeysuckle pinks and vibrant shades of marine blues and African violets this year.

Firstly, you will need to sand the planter down to remove any surface imperfections. Secondly you will need to use a large brush to remove any debris and dead insects. Thirdly, sealing the wood with a coat of primer will ensure your paint soaks evenly into the furniture. Once you have lightly sanded your planter to ensure a smooth surface you are ready to paint. The number of coats you need to apply will be dependent on your colour choice.

If you have upcycled any garden furniture we would love to hear from you. Or for more information on our extensive range of commercial outdoor furniture and accessories please contact howard@woodberryofleamingtonspa.com.