We are delighted to introduce our ‘new style’ Bourton Seater Table, to our catalogue this Summer, available to order from early June 2019. The new Bourton comes with an optional backrest on both the 2 and 4 seater design. The Bourton is one of our oldest furniture designs and dates back to 2006. These finely handcrafted Great British made units are built to last and remain a firm favourite of pubs, hotels, holiday parks and tourist attractions across the UK.

 ‘new style’ Bourton Seater    

 without backrest                              with backrest  

Feedback from our customers to our consultants has been documented over the last year and the knowledge shared with our design team to innovate the Bourton design and create some bespoke modifications to the furniture.


Sketch of ‘new style’ Bourton Seater


Our new breed Bourton is ideal for venues looking for an upmarket and practical seating solution for casual dining.

The enhanced design modifications include:

– retaining the original low ‘step-over’ access, keeping it user-friendly
for customers with limited mobility.
– Increase in leg room. The leg is now designed as one wide piece,
unlike the previous version which featured criss-cross legs.
– reduction in design dimensions resulting in a super compact piece of
– a more aesthetically pleasing Bourton mindfully designed with less
visible bolts.

To pre-order the new Bourton please call our expert consultants today on 0800 6888 983.