Woodberry Brown re-treatment fluid – 5L

Woodberry Brown treatment fluid is the same product that we treat all our softwood tables with here at our factory.  It is a white spirit based fluid with the unique Woodberry Brown colour.

For re-treatment, it is best to rag the fluid on as this works it well into the wood grain.  We recommend that the flat, exposed surfaces are re-treated annually.  Legs and underparts of furniture can be done as required.

We also sell the re-treatment kit which comes will all the accessories you will need (googles, gloves, sandpaper, cloths and brushes) to complete the treatment.

Refer to our useful tips for re-treating your furniture.

Woodberry Brown re-treatment fluid – 5L

  • 5 litres of Easy-to-apply spirit-based timber preservative for our Northern European Redwood products
  • Caters for approximately 10 items of furniture
  • Gives your timber longer-lasting protection than other wood stains
  • Refer to our tips for cleaning and re-treating softwood furniture



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