As we settle into a brand new year and embrace the business and budget challenges faced over the coming quarters now is the time to inject some energy into your outdoor spaces.

The key to generating a healthy revenue is creating an outdoors that thrills and excites your customers. Somewhere innovative and inviting to spend valuable and scarce leisure time all year round. A space to be photographed and talked about for all the right reasons.   A carefully curated outdoor space will ensure it is continuously used and enjoyed all year round.

Our Alfresco Dining Cabin introduced to our handcrafted furniture portfolio during the last quarter of 2018 has been extremely popular with customers seeking a unique customer experience, and it is easy to understand why.

These impressive trade quality units crafted from durable Northern European Redwood create the perfect focal point to an outdoor space and can be settled as a stand-alone cabin or in a row depending on the size of your outdoors.

They make the perfect private dining experience for business and pleasure. Comprising of a back and two side panels creating a nice degree of privacy while still being able to enjoy fresh air and the beauty of your outdoor ambience.

Each cabin starts as a blank canvas and can be tailored to your own requirements. The choice really is yours from seasonal colours to the height of the side panels, yes we have even designed half or full height panels.  We can change the dimensions if there is a particular unit of furniture that you would like it to accommodate. Our Castle Range set fits perfectly inside.

The cabins are an excellent way for you to market key events in the hospitality calendar as a bookable and chargeable, superior private dining space.  From catering for a bumper Mothers Day to hosting a local businesses team event, these durable dining cabins are a sure way to innovate your outdoors and show customers how serious you are about keeping their business and creating an enjoyable hospitality experience.

To discuss how the Alfresco Dining Cabin can be incorporated into your outdoors and help your business generate revenue, call our team of helpful and highly knowledgeable consultants on 0800 6888 983.