Two brown recycled plastic a frame picnic tables on a wooden deck over looking Chedworth roman villa

The good news is, cleaning and maintenance of recycled plastic outdoor furniture is easy!

Recycled plastic outdoor furniture is weatherproof and incredibly hard wearing.

Cleaning Recycled Plastic Outdoor Furniture

We recommend a good scrub with a stiff brush and a cleaning liquid like washing up liquid and hose down at the start of your outdoor hospitality season. This is to ensure any build ups of debris and dirt over the winter is cleaned off.

Then anti-bacterial spray the table tops of the recycled plastic picnic tables before serving food and drink to them. Maintain their cleanliness in line with your venue’s cleaning schedule for outdoor tables.

Maintaining Recycled Plastic Outdoor Furniture

In terms of maintenance, the only element that really needs checking is whether bolts have worked themselves loose over time. Otherwise, they are fire retardant and do not warp in the heat as the Woodberry picnic tables are reinforced with steel to ensure they are ‘sag’ proof.

Weatherproof and Heavy Duty Recycled Plastic Tables and Benches

The recycled plastic picnic tables and benches are ideal for coastal locations.

Or those locations with more extreme weather conditions as they do not deteriorate with sea air, wind and rain.

Plus, they are very heavy weight so do not blow over and are difficult to move.

They are also very good from a security point of view as they are heavy to move once in position, so would be difficult to walk away with.

Please give us a call for any advice you need

If in doubt, please give our team a call and they will help answer any questions about cleaning and maintenance of our outdoor furniture.

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