China Fleet Country Club – Circular 8s

Woodberry’s Circular 8 seater picnic tables suit well in this rural scene at the China Fleet Country Club, providing a reliable and heavy-duty outdoor seating solution.

View our Circular 8 Seaters HERE.

Monk House Hill – Greendine 1.4m Recycled Plastic Table

This extremely low-maintenance, 6-seater table offers an affordable, yet environmetally friendly option for any pub garden, school or park. The hard-wearing, recycled plastic is weatherproof and can even be recycled itself, whilst the frame is reinforced with galvanized metal to ensure that the bench is strong. This table is available in 5 different colours to ensure it suits your need. Why not check this product out in more detail HERE.

Wildern School – Circular Range Tables

Woodberry’s Circular 8 seater and Circular 6 Seater remain a popular outdoor seating solution for schools. With a robust design and little maintenance requirement they last for many many years and bring a cost-effective asset to schools and colleges. See our Circular Tables HERE.

Light Dragoon – Square 8s with Backrests

These robust Square 8 seaters with backrests, provide a quality dining experience here at the Light Dragoon. The backrest option is a great addition to give that extra comfort to your customers to relax and enjoy the outdoors. The square 8 seater is a better option than the circular equivalent for pubs regularly serving food outside, as it has a more spacious table top. View our Square 8 seaters with backrests HERE.

Tonbridge School – Teak Sets

Woodberry’s popular teak sets are pictured here at Tonbridge School. These traditional sets provide a durable outdoor seating solution that matches well against the historic backdrop. Our teak tables and chairs can be mixed and matched with our teak benches as shown. View our teak sets HERE. View our teak benches HERE.

Woolsthorpe Manor – Pine Arden Bench 1.7m

Woodberry’s Pine Arden Bench is pictured here at Woolsthorpe Manor, where it allows the tranquil environment to be enjoyed. The bench is chunky and solidly built and is treated in Woodberry’s unique spirit preservative, creating a long-lasting, durable bench, which is popular for parks and gardens. You can find our Pine Arden Bench HERE.

Roche School – Circular 8 Tables

Woodberry’s Circular 8 seater tables enhance this outdoor area at the Roche School. They provide an attractive and robust outdoor seating area for the students. View our Circular 8 seaters HERE.

Faultering Fullback – Poseur Sets

The Chunky Square Poseur Sets fit well in this under-canopy area at The Faultering Fullback. Made from chunky redwood, they provide a durable high dining solution for 2-3 people each, although they can take up to 4 if required. Excellent for drinkers to socialise at. View our Square Poseur Sets HERE.

Killhope Mining Centre – Ox Cart Bench

Pictured here at the Killhope Lead Mining Centre is Woodberry’s Ox Cart bench. A perfectly fitting bench for this attraction, as with many other tourist attractions, it provides an eye catching alternative to a standard bench. View our Ox Cart benches HERE.

Neath Port Talbot College – Circular 8s

Woodberry’s popular & robust Circular 8 tables are pictured here in the courtyard at Neath Port Talbot College. Ideal for college or university environments, these tables provide a long-term solution for eating outdoors, as well as providing a new fresh look and attractive seating for students. View our Circular 8 seaters HERE.

Inn On The Beach – Circular 8 Tables

Pictured here are Woodberry’s Circular 8 Seater Tables situated in this smart garden at the Inn On The Beach. The sturdy build matches well with the chunky flower planters and provides a durable solution at this right-on-the-sea location. View our Circular 8 Seater Tables HERE.

Attadale Gardens – Teak Root Bench

Pictured here is Woodberry’s iconic Teak Root Bench in the Old Rhododendron Dell at Attadale Gardens. A perfect fit in this rural setting, it provides a point of interest and attraction, as well as a place to sit down and enjoy the surroundings. View our Teak Root Benches HERE.

National Trust East – Castle Range Sets

Woodberry Castle Range sets are pictured here at National Trust, East of England. Complemented by the Castle Stools at each end and Woodberry’s quality parasols and bases, they provide a smart outdoor seating solution in this location. View our Castle Range Sets HERE. View our Castle Range Stools HERE.

Devon Cliffs – Turret Table

This bespoke made 1.5m diameter Turret table with teak stacking chairs is a high quality set indeed! Using Woodberry’s Adapted Design Service, we were able to offer this table larger than usual. View our Turret tables HERE.

Levens Village Shop – Gabion Set

Woodberry’s eye catching Gabion set is shown here at the Levens Village Shop. Particularly attractive with the gabions filled with local stone, which enables the sets to harmonise with their environment well. View our Gabion Sets HERE.

Hoop & Grapes – Greendine Aframe and Printed Parasol

Pictured here is Woodberry’s Greendine recycled plastic A-frame table together with our 2.7m cream parasol. The table provides an environmentally friendly yet hard-wearing option, whilst the printed parasol adds a unique touch of class. View our Greendine A-Frames HERE. View our 2.7m Parasols HERE.

Oak Farm Hotel – Circular 12 Seater

Woodberry’s distinct Circular 12 Seater table is pictured here at the Oak Farm Hotel. This picture particularly brings out the super large table top and chunky build which is characteristic of this range. Also enhanced by Woodberry’s 3m navy parasol.

Black Country Museum – 2m A-Frames

Pictured here is Woodberry’s chunky 2m A-Frame table against the background of the famous Newcomen Engine at the Black Country Living Museum. Woodberry’s A-frame tables are sturdy and well-built making them ideal for tourist attractions such as this. View our 2m A-Frame tables HERE.

Forrest Arms – Castles, Bourtons and Barrels

This smart patio at the Forrest Arms hosts a range of Woodberry’s best products, with the Castle sets in the background and the Bourton 2 seater and Barrel Poseur tables in the foreground. With their chunky build they provide a robust, long lasting solution for the Forrest Arms. View our Castle Tables HERE. View our Bourton 2 seater with backrests HERE. View our Barrel Poseur tables HERE.

The Chequers – Teak Sets

Woodberry’s teak sets offer high class dining here at The Chequers. An ideal fit for this paved terrace, both the tables and chairs can be stacked to save space when required. They give a warm welcome to guests, and assurance they will get a great service. See the product HERE.

Reading University – Circular 6 tables

Our popular Circular 6 seater tables are seen here at Reading University. This plaza area already had benching around the perimeter, and our wheelchair friendly tables were the ideal solution to provide more seating and to enhance this outdoor area. See the product HERE.

Cheshunt Marriot Hotel – Castle Range Sets

Woodberry’s distinctive Castle Range Sets provide a great quality outdoor dining facility here at Cheshunt Marriot Hotel. These sets have been fixed down for security, this can be added as an easy optional extra with the Castle Range. The table comes with parasol hole as standard, so a parasol can be added, if and when required. View our Castle Range Sets HERE.

Kingfisher Caravan Park – Bourton 4 Seaters

Woodberry’s Bourton 4 Seater tables are pictured here in a sunny spot at Kingfisher Caravan Park. Ideal for the older generation, they are easy to get in and out of, and also offer a compact outdoor furniture solution when space is limited. They can be easily ground fixed if required.

View our Bourton 4 Seater Tables HERE.

Crathes Castle – Midnight Range

Our Midnight Range is shown here in Crathes Castle Gardens. Made from very durable hardwood and specially curved to go along the wall, this benching provides a simple, long-lasting solution. View our Midnight Range HERE.
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