Bucklers Hard – Bourton and Circular Tables

This patio here at the Bucklers Hard is enhanced by Woodberry’s Bourton & Circular tables. The compact Bourtons make for an efficient use of space whilst the Circular tables with parasols give a pleasing contrast.

View our Bourton Tables HERE.
View our Circular Tables HERE.

The Five Miles – Bourton and Circular tables

Woodberry’s Bourton and Circular tables provide a flexible mix of seating here at The Five Miles, from the 8 seater Circular to the 2 seater Bourton. This gives scope to accommodate almost any group size, as well as providing a great-looking patio area. View our Bourton Tables HERE. View our Circular Tables HERE.

Pleckeate High School – Circular 8 tables

Woodberry’s popular Circular 8 tables are pictured here at Pleckeate High School. Ideal for school environments, these tables make eating outdoors a real treat for the students, as well as providing a robust and long-lasting solution. See the product HERE.

Min Y Don Holiday Park – Gabion Benches

Woodberry’s Gabion benches provide a perfect match to this attractive clubhouse at Min Y Don Holiday Home Park. The Gabion range can be purchased as individual tables or benches, or as a dining set including a table and 2 benches, giving you flexibility to meet your requirements. View our Gabion Range HERE.

Roundhouse – Circular 8 tables

Woodberry’s classic Circular 8 seater tables are seen here in this attractive garden of the Roundhouse. This garden had recently undergone a refurbishment and Woodberry’s popular Cirdular 8 were chosen to complete the project. See the product HERE.

The Boot Inn – Circular 6 with backrests & Teak sets

High class outdoor dining furniture is seen here on the patio of the Boot Inn. In the foreground is our Circular 6 seater with backrests – comfortable and very easily accessible with provision for wheelchair access too. Behind this is Woodberry’s Teak 900 set with stacking armchairs – a durable and quality set. View the Circular 6 with backrests HERE. View the Teak sets HERE.

The Boot Inn – Bourtons with backrests

Our popular Bourton Range are seen here at the Boot Inn. These provide a space-efficient solution whilst being very comfortable, having the optional backrest added. Available in 2, 4 or 6 seaters, they accommodate all manner of group sizes and, if placed next to each other, can be used to seat very large groups or parties! See the product HERE.

Christ Church Swindon – Modular Short Slat benching

Woodberry’s Modular short-slat benching is seen here at Christ Church in Swindon, where it adds feature and functionality to this paved area. Woodberry offer this benching in a choice of materials, but it is seen here with hardwood iroko slats and galvanized steel frames. Available in your chosen length and radius – a very versatile product! See the product HERE.

The Gamekeepers – Old Oak Barrel Poseur Tables

Woodberry’s Oak Barrel Poseur tables complement the outside area here at The Gamekeepers. A fitting feature on this pub terrace, they work well for busy on-the-go customers and go well with Woodberry’s stone filled Gabion sets which can be seen to the left and right. See the product HERE.

Chichester Golf Club – Circular 8 tables

Our flagship Circular 8 tables are seen here at Chichester Golf Club. Enhanced by special dark treatment and our high quality parasols, they provide a high class welcome for golfers. See the product HERE.

Craigard House Hotel – Bourton 4 Seaters

Woodberry’s Bourton 4 seater tables are pictured here against the stunning background of Campbeltown Loch, providing a lovely outside seating area with beautiful views. See our Bourton 4 seater tables HERE.

Tywarnhale Inn – Gabion Sets

Our distinctive Gabion tables and benches are pictured here at the Tywarnhale Inn. The chunky softwood slats and large stones fit well with the location but provide an attention-grabbing outdoor area.

View our Gabion Sets HERE.

Shibden Mill Inn – Teak Tables & Armchairs

Woodberry’s luxury Teak Carver armchairs are pictured here at The Shibden Mill Inn. These armchairs, together with our 1900mm Teak tables provide a sumptuous dining experience for guests, and will last for many many years.

View our Teak Carver armchairs HERE.
View our Teak 1900 Tables HERE.

Imperial College London – 2.4m Bericote Benches

Woodberry’s flagship Bericote benches sit proudly against The Imperial College London. These high quality benches provide a fitting solution in this high profile university environment, lasting many years even under heavy use. View our 2.4m Bericote Benches HERE.

Yarnfield Primary School – Circular 8 Tables

Pictured here are Woodberry’s popular Circular 8 seater tables at Yarnfield Primary School, where they provide robust outdoor seating for the pupils. Fixed down too for safety and security with our hard ground fixing kits. View our Circular 8 tables HERE. View our Hard Ground Fixing Kits HERE.

St Brelades College – Teak Sets

This sunny location here at St Brelades College features Woodberry’s Teak 900 Tables with our Teak Stackers, Manor litter bins and wayside benches (on the deck below the windows). These provide a varied array of outdoor seating for the students to relax or eat outdoors. View our Teak Sets HERE. View our Manor Litter Bins HERE.

Jury’s Hotel – Bespoke Gabion set

This outstanding bespoke gabion set takes pride of place outside Jury’s Hotel where it provides a real eye-catcher for customers. Totally outside the ordinary, it carries an ultra rustic look. Here they are filled with lumps of beautiful Cotswold Stone. See the product here.

Packhorse Inn – Circular 6 seaters with backrests

A mix of our Circular 8 tables with backrests and Circular 6 tables with backrests complement this attractive patio at the Packhorse Inn. Very comfortable, both offer easy access for your customers, with the 6 seaters offering provision for 3 wheelchairs. Find out more about our Circular 6 seaters with backrests here.

Williamson Park – Estate Litter Bin

Woodberry’s Estate Litter Bin is pictured here against the superb backdrop of the Ashton Memorial at Williamson Park Lancaster. The Estate Bin is a very heavy-duty litter bin, ideal for public parks, gardens and tourist attractions, and treated in our special timber preservative for maximum lifespan. Guaranteed for 10 years.

To view our Estate Litter Bin click here.

Canalhouse Bar – Keswick Tables

Woodberry’s Keswick tables are pitured here at the Canalhouse Bar. They provide functional high-dining and efficiently make use of the area. An ideal solution! Find out more about our Keswick Tables here.

Kings Arms – Gabion Sets

Our striking Gabion sets are seen here outside The Kings Arms. These popular sets provide a stunning attraction for passers-by on this roadside location. Shown containing Cotswold stone, they give a natural, rustic look and always turn the heads of your customers! Find out more about our Gabion Sets here.

Beechdown Club – Circular 6 with backrests

This lovely large patio at The Beechdown Club features Woodberry’s Circular 6 Seater tables with backrests. Excellent for accessibility, these picnic tables provide a comfortable and durable solution. Find out more about our Circular 6 with backrests here.

Radisson Blu Hotel – Gabion Set

Woodberry’s stunning Gabion Set is pictured here at the Radisson Blu Hotel. The rustic pebbles fit well with the coastal location as well as providing a long-lasting outdoor dining solution. Find out more about our Gabion Sets here.

Ye Olde Punchbowl – Turret Tables

Woodberry’s Turret tables, shown here with Teak Stackers, are practical, versatile tables which provide plenty of room for four to dine in comfort. Not only are they treated with a spirit immersion treatment, they are exceedingly hard-wearing, with chunky 96mm x 96mm legs and a double thickness top, meaning they can take the rough and tumble of everyday life in any pub garden or restaurant. Find out more about our Turret Tables here.
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