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It’s only February but customers seem happy to sit outdoors, especially when the sun is shining. Cosy enough in winter coats, they are happy to stay for a drink and a snack at your venue but how do you encourage them to stay longer and eat dinner outdoors?

As long time suppliers to pubs, hotels, restaurants and holiday parks we have a good understanding of what encourages your customers to sit outdoors enjoying your hospitality for longer.

We thought it would help to do a run down on the best outdoor patio heaters dependent on the type of venue you have, and how your customers use your outdoor space.

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Best Patio Heaters for Pub Beer Gardens

Your choice between gas or electric outdoor patio heater is very much dependent on what power supply you have in your pub beer garden.

Free Standing Pyramid Gas Patio Heaters

These commercial pyramid patio heaters are an ideal heat source if you are not able to supply electricity to parts of the garden.

They provide a good looking focal point to position tables around, and heat an area up to 10 square metres.

They need a flat, hard standing surface and come with brackets to secure the patio heater to the ground.

Wall Mounted Electric Patio Heaters

If you have a covered patio area or terrace close to a building that has an electric power source then these outdoor patio heaters are very effective.

Heating an area up to 15 square metres, the 2kw electric heater has a weather proof black aluminium casing. The wall mounting bracket allows for directional positioning.

Best Patio Heaters for Covered Patios

We would very much recommend electric outdoor patio heaters for covered patio areas as gas patio heaters would not be safe in this environment.

Heating an outdoor covered area is much more efficient than an exposed outdoor area.

2kw Electric Patio Heater

This outdoor electric patio heater is designed for commercial outdoor heating and is very efficient. It heats an area up to 15 metres square and costs approx. £0.36 per hour electricity.

The low glare infrared lamp has up to 7,000 hours life and it has a 2-year warranty.

Slimline Electric Patio Heater

If you have less clearance under a covered area or want a heater with a more streamlined look then the slimline electric patio heater is a good option for you.

This electric patio heater heats an area up to 6 square metres. It is 10.5cm tall compared to the chunkier 2kw heater which is 13cm tall.

Best Outdoor Patio Heaters for warmth

How much warmth your customers will feel is dependent on several factors.

How cold is the weather outside, how sheltered is your outdoor seating area, how big an output does your patio heater have, does the style of the patio heater reflect the heat towards your customers etc.

Best Gas Patio Heater for warmth

From the Woodberry range, the best gas patio heater for warmth is the Navarre Gas Patio heater. The design of this patio heater is that it has a large ‘mushroom style’ top that captures the heat underneath providing more ambient heat effect around it. This gas patio heater heats an area between 15 to 20 square metres.

Best Electric Patio Heater for warmth

Of the Woodberry patio heaters, the 2kw electric patio heater creates the more effective ambient heat. It is 68cm wide by 13cm tall so has a large heat output area and heat an area up to 15 square metres.

Best Patio Heaters for small spaces

Wall mounted electric patio heaters are most effective in small spaces as they take up very little space and give out good heat levels.

Both electric patio heater models that we sell come with a wall mounting bracket that can be angled depending on where you need the heat directed.

We recommend attaching this to the side of a building or gazebo. Please ensure you read the safety guidance on the clearance measurements required around the heaters.

The electric patio heaters give out heat to cover an area between 6-15 square metres (depending on the model you choose).

Electric wall mounted patio heater

Best Patio Heaters for larger spaces

If you have larger outdoor areas to heat then we would recommend the free standing gas patio heaters.
These heaters not only look good, warming and substantial but they cover a large area for heating. If you have a very large area, then we recommend several. They make quite an impactful look if you have 2 or 3 on  patio.

Avora Gas Patio Heater

This cylindrical gas patio heater is very substantial, has brackets for ground fixing and comes with an automatic anti-tilt shut off.

It has a real flame and creates a very cosy atmosphere. They are a very attractive feature of a patio or terrace area. It heats an area up to 10 square metres.

Pyramid Gas Patio Heater

The Pyramid Gas Patio Heater is tall (2.24m) with a base of 50cm x 50cm square so it needs space. This gas patio heater covers an area of approximately 10 square metres as well.

Navarre Gas Patio Heater

This mushroom top style gas patio heater does cover the largest area for heat. It heats an area up to approximately 15 square metres. Again this is a tall gas patio heater measuring 2.25m tall.

Best alternative to table top heaters

Table Top Patio Heaters look and seem like a great option for more atmospheric outdoor dining.

However, they do take up a lot of space on a table top, they cause an obstruction if you want to look or talk to the person opposite you and they could be deemed not particularly safe if children or arms get in the way.

So, what are the best options as an alternative to this style of patio heater?

We would very much recommend a wall mounted electric heater. It still provides warmth and cosiness for outdoor dining but does not take up valuable table top space, get in the way or prove a risk.

Electric wall mounted patio heaters can be placed higher up out of the way and angled in the direction of your customers.

As a cost comparison, table top patio heaters can cost the same as a wall mounted patio heater and only service one table with heat whereas a wall mounted heater will warm an area for at least 2 tables.

2kw electric outdoor heater

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