A wooden gazebo with a pitched waterproof roof at night with coloured lights wrapped around it and 2 wooden rectangular tables and benches underneath

Our products can help to make your outdoor areas work flexibly for your business this winter. Provide customers with warmth and shelter, and maximise the covers your site can serve.

We offer a range of patio heaters and weather proof gazebos to suit your needs. And, let us provide you with winter essentials like rock salt, shovels and grit bins to prepare for winter weather.

Order heaters and gazebos now for delivery in November 2020

Winter Warmth - Patio Heaters

Provide outdoor heating to help your customers feel comfortable and encourage them to stay for longer.

2kw Electric Wall Mounted Heater – £285 + VAT
Heats an area up to 6m square
59cm wide x 14cm deep x 18cm tall – 2.5kg weight
Easily fixes to walls and gazebos with an L bracket

Pyramid Gas Patio Heater – £350 + VAT
Heats an area up to 10m square
Base is 50cm x 50cm – 2.24m tall
Free standing, requires Propane or LPG gas canister

Avora Real Flame Gas Heater -£450 + VAT
Heats an area up to 10m square
52.5cm diameter x 177cm tall
34.5kg weight
Free standing with wheels for easy movement


A cylindrical 1.7m tall real flame gas patio heater located on a patio
A long rectangular black electric heater mounted on the inside of a wooden outdoor gazebo
The underside of the apex roof of a wooden gazebo with the beams, composite roof panels and a rectangular electric heater
A pyramid gas patio heater located on a gravel courtyard

Weather Proof Gazebos

For winter shelter we have a selection of gazebos with weather proof rooves and side panel options.

Wooden Gazebo – Available in 4 sizes
FSC® Certified wood with a composite bitumen roof – 2.5m tall
Shown here in photo – 4m x 3.6m – £1,975 + VAT
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Quadrat Gazebo – Available in 3 sizes
Toughened Aluminium with a louvered roof – 2.3m tall
Shown here in photo – 7.2m x 3.5m – £5,295 + VAT
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Bespoke Apex Roof Gazebo
Aluminium frame with polycarbonate or laminate glass roof
Available in so many sizes you can virtually bespoke to your needs.
Guide price – 4m x 3m x 2.8m tall – £3,995 + VAT
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A square wooden gazebo with apex waterproof roof with 2 rectangular wooden tables underneath seating 12 dressed for christmas dinner
A dark grey rectangular metal gazebo with a waterproof flat roof with grey rattan round dining tables and matching chais underneath on a gravel patio
A square white metal gazebo with a retractable canvas roof

Winter Essentials - Grit Bins, Shovels and Salt

So we can provide a one-stop-shop for your winter needs, we have launched a few winter essentials products. Available for speedy delivery.

Add a winter essentials package to your Woodberry order that includes:

1x Grit Bin,
1 x Snow Shovel
8 x 25kg bags of Brown Rock Salt
Or add the individual items to your web basket depending on what you need.

An orange snow shovel propped against a yellow grit bin with 6 bags of rock salt next to it

We like to talk - Call us to discuss your needs

We’ve put together this winter range by talking to our customers and understanding what your business needs to make outdoor areas work hard through winter 2020.

Please give us a call, we are very friendly and if you can’t see what you are looking for just ask us. We’ll try to help however we can.

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