A grey framed rectangular metal gazebo with 3 sets of outdoor dining tables and chairs on a deck

Will you be opening for outdoor hospitality only?

If customers, especially dining customers, are sitting outside they will be more comfortable and stay longer with clean furniture, shelter and heating.

Is your outdoor provision ready?

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6-Seater Outdoor Furniture

As the new guidelines come in, we’d recommend ensuring you have enough outdoor tables seating 6 or more as customers meet up with friends and family.

We have a wide range of commercial picnic tables and outdoor dining tables and chairs to suit your needs.

Our top recommendations are:

Picnic Tables – 6-8 seaters

  • Budget 8-Seater Picnic Table
  • Standard 6-Seater A Frame Picnic Table
  • 2m 8-Seater A Frame Picnic Table
  • Recycled Plastic 1.8m Picnic Table
  • Circular 6 and 8-Seater Picnic Tables
  • Bourton Range 6 Seater Tables


Outdoor Dining Tables and Chairs

  • Castle Range Rectangular Table and Benches
  • Gabion Table and Benches
  • Paris Range Cream Grey Rattan Rectangular Table & Chairs
  • Stockholm Range Grey Rattan Rectangular Table & Chairs
  • Teak 1.9m Rectangular Table & Chairs
  • Atlantique 1.6m Rectangular Table & Chairs
A wooden A frame picnic table seating up to 8 people on a deck
A circular wooden picnic table seating 8 people located on a lawn
A chunky wooden rectangular table with backless wooden benches either side and a cream parasol
A rectangular outdoor table and bench set with steel cage gabion legs filled with rocks and a wooden table and bench top located on a patio
A rectangular outdoor dining table in cream grey weave rattan with 6 matching arm chairs arranged around it located on a patio
A 1.8m long teak outdoor dining table with 6 chairs around it on a lawn

Outdoor Shelter and Shade for Hospitality Venues

Do you need weather proof shelter or just shade?

To extend your outdoor season, we would recommend weather proof shelters that are ground fixed and sturdy to withstand wind and rain.

If you just need shade covering for sunny days, we have a wide range of parasols in different sizes and colours.

Wooden Shelters and Gazebos

  • 6-Seater Outdoor Dining Cabin
  • Wooden Gazebo
  • Wooden Gazebo with sides

Metal Gazebos

  • Quadrat Gazebos
  • Bespoke Apex Roof Gazebo

Parasols – Available in 6 colours

  • 2.1m, 2.7m and 3.0m diameter
A wooden outdoor dining cabin with roof and back but with open half sides and an open frontage. Bench seats and table for 6 people are fixed inside
A sqaure wooden gazebo with an apex roof with corrugated composite roof panels with picnic tables underneath
A rectangular grey metal gazebo covering 4 tables in a pub garden
5 parasols in cream, blue, green and terracotta arranged on a lawn

Commercial Outdoor Patio Heaters

We offer a range of Outdoor Patio Heaters.

The electric patio heaters will need plugging in to electric points, the gas heaters are free standing and require LPG or Propane canisters.

They heat an area up to 10m square metres

Electric Patio Heaters

  • Heatmaster Parasol Electric Heater
  • Slimline Electric Heater
  • 2kw Wall Mounted Electric Heater

Gas Patio Heaters

  • Pyramid Gas Patio Heater
  • Avora Gas Patio Heater
Heatmaster patio heater which is 4 heat lamps attached underneath a patio parasol to heat the outdoor area beneath it
A black rectangular wall mounted electric patio heater glowing orange
A pyramid gas patio heater located on a gravel courtyard
A cylindrical 1.7m tall real flame gas patio heater located on a patio

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