Autumn truly is a magnificent palate of colour. Those glorious shades of copper, gold and rust really do enhance your commercial outdoor space and create a stunning visual feast for the eyes as your customers enjoy your gorgeous facilities and outdoor furnishings.

However, during these months it is of the upmost importance to care and maintain your furniture and accessories. The damp, wet and windy elements can really alter the look and feel of your pieces. Taking care of your outdoor investments will ensure they keep their bold striking colours and remain inviting features that your customers will want to enjoy through the changing seasons.

Furniture Treatments

Regular use of our ‘mothers milk’ go to product, Woodberry Brown re-treatment fluid, will ensure your wooden furniture is always looking in tip top condition. This white spirit based product is what we actually use to treat our furniture during the factory production process. It can be administered to all your soft wood products. Our clever little kits contain all you need, to re-treat those areas of your wooden furniture that are over exposed to weather elements. Sandpaper, scrubbing cloth, brush, gloves and goggles together with easy to follow instructions make this kit an absolute must for any establishment that houses wooden furniture.

Table Number Discs

Table number discs are an ideal way to quickly and easily identify groups of customers. Our solid, shiny brass discs are a perfect finish to any table. However, constant exposure to the harsh outdoor weather conditions will mean that your shiny brass discs will slowly begin to tarnish and show water marks. A quick buff with some brass polish will easily restore your brass accessories to their former glory.

Here at Woodberry of Leamington Spa we like to use Brasso Metal Polish Wadding. This genius product presented in a durable air tight tin comes with a generous roll of polishing wadding, impregnated with Brasso cleaner. It is easy to tear off a small amount of wadding to clean your brass discs. A quick polish with a super soft cloth will have your table discs shining bright like a diamond and looking brand new. Regular use of brass polish will help protect your disks from the harsh weather to come.


Whilst it is not always practical to store your table parasols indoors, it is very easy and quick to close them after use. Keeping your parasols neatly shut during periods of heavy rain and wind will protect them from being blown around, where there is a risk that the underneath frame structure could become damaged. Closing parasols will also prevent the material from becoming too wet as the fabric will be rolled around itself.


At this time of year, it can often go chilly very suddenly and it is very easy to be fooled by a blue sky, sunny day. A lovely touch to outdoor spaces are comfy blankets and cosy throws that can be offered to customers for ultimate comfort and warmth. These accessories make a charming addition to your autumn accessories and can easily be styled to match your furniture and outdoor tubs. However, these accessories don’t look quite so good if they are left out in the damp and wet weather. For a customer, it is pretty frustrating to take a seat outdoors and reach for a comforting blanket, only to discover it is sodden with water for the overnight rainfall.

Our beautifully crafted Outdoor Storage Box, manufactured from A Grade Teak is the perfect repository to keep your gorgeous blankets and throws, clean and dry. Placing this box in an accessible space will also mean that your customers can ‘self serve’ when they are in need of some warmth and extra comfort. Likewise, when the blankets are no longer needed they can be returned back to the storage box by your customers.