There is something deliciously satisfying about tidying up and preparing to enter a new season. With careful planning and a little thought you can easily rejuvenate your furniture and outdoor accessories to ensure your customers keep on returning.

It is vitally important to make sure that your outdoor space is kept tidy and inviting. Remember this is the space that your customers both old and new will first lay eyes on long before they sample your menus and entertainment. An untidy outdoor space can easily make people start talking about your establishment for all the wrong reasons.  We are a generation who are click ready to capture images to share on social media and customer review sites. So let’s make sure that your customers are photographing your location and sharing them in a positive way that will work in collaboration with your marketing efforts.

Here are our top tips to make sure your outdoor space is always ready for your customers.

Outdoor Decorations

It may sound a like a simple suggestion, but removing decorations and accessories from your outdoor space that have time and possibly colour expired is a quick win.  Badly battered bunting that once looked so fresh and clean, is very much a decorative symbol of summer and looks completely out of place during the autumn and winter months. Damaged and tired decorations can detract from the natural beauty of your outdoor space, and should be removed and discarded.

Wood Treatments

Although our wooden furniture is treated with our renowned ‘Woodberry Brown Treatment Fluid’ during the production process, we do advise you to reapply it. We recommend that the flat, exposed surfaces are re-treated annually. The legs and various parts underneath can be done as required, but need it much less frequently. Annual use of our treatment fluid will ensure your furniture keeps its freshness and vibrant woody shade. And help make your outdoor space look inviting to your customers.

Why not stock up on of our Re-Treatment kit, containing everything you need to revitalize your furniture investments. From gloves, to a scrubbing brush, we have got it covered, and even include a set of clear instructions making application of this product a breeze.

Litter Bins

Displaying litter bins around your outdoor space is an excellent way to encourage your visitors to be self-sufficient in the disposal of their rubbish, be it bits and bobs accumulated at your establishment, i.e. surplus napkins or litter they have accumulated. A random fumbled search in a car could produce various bits that are no longer needed and can be easily discarded into the bins you provide. Lack of bins can often result in careless visitors dropping their litter on the floor where it can not only look untidy but also cause a potential tripping hazard.

Our Estate Litter bins are a popular choice and can house a galvanised dustbin, giving you an idea of its magnitude. Access to these dustbins is via a rear door, which has the facility to take a padlock as standard These accessories are very sturdy and can be ground fixed. Their shape featuring an apex roof make them a handsome addition to any outdoor commercial space.


Having a good supply of robust brushes suitable for outdoor sweeping is a must have for any outdoor environment. Brushes can quickly and effortlessly sweep up leaves and seasonal debris to reveal a clear and tidy visiting area to greet your customers. A welcome of damp wet leaves is not very appealing and could also cause a slipping hazard. Keeping your brushes in an accessible area makes it easy for staff to sweep your outdoor space before the customers arrive. Working this daily activity into your staff rotas is a quick win to ensure your property is ready to dazzle your customers each day.

The Dustpan and Brush Store have an emporium of brushes in all shapes, sizes and weights, suitable for outdoor use.