Your outdoors is the first thing people will see and remember about your property, irrespective of the service, menu, or unique experience you are offering. So it is important to create an excellent first impression as you might not get the opportunity to create a second.
Here are some recommendations to help you master the art of alfresco from our expert consultants at Woodberry.

Summer Flowers

Floral displays can really add colour and atmosphere to a property and are great to showcase on your social media channels too. However, flowers cannot look after themselves, so do make sure that you task one of your staff to regularly water and keep your tubs neat and tidy. There is nothing more off-putting to customers than sitting outdoors beside some half-dead dry, hanging baskets or sad looking planters.

Our Pavement Planter with Self-Watering Reservoir is a real time-saver for busy hospitality venues. These sturdy units are crafted at our Leamington Spa workshop and feature a 14.3-litre reservoir with wicks that go down into the lower sections to draw the water up.


Patio, Pavement and Decking Space

The ground space around your properties is a wonderful blank canvas for you to bring to life with furniture and accessories for your customer’s enjoyment. Make the most of every square foot, by keeping it clean, well maintained, hazard-free and inviting. A regular check of your outdoors is a worthwhile task to ensure any cracked flagstones are replaced. Remember, to wash down patios and decking to keep them looking clean and fresh, ensuring any traces of bird dirt or windblown flower petals are removed.
Don’t forget to check over your fencing panels too, they can harbour bird dirt and lots of cobwebs, so it is worth gently spraying them down while the hose pipe is out to keep them looking clean and tidy.


Each venue space is unique in the service they are offering, and it is important that the furniture matches the expectation of your customer. So if you are promoting light snacks and drinks to local cycling clubs on the weekend, the customer will be looking for somewhere casual to sit, refuel and take a short rest after a long cycle.

Our budget Bistro Table & Chair set would be the perfect match. A cost-effective, strong, lightweight, colourful set that can be moved easily and requires no maintenance.
Whereas a property offering alfresco cocktails will have customers, who have a higher expectation of comfort as they know they are paying premium prices and potentially a service charge to visit your venue. They will be seeking an outstanding alfresco experience with luxurious, comfortable furniture, and accessories. Somewhere that they may be visiting as a special treat for a significant celebration.



Our Rattan Auckland Large Sofa Suite combines serious style and quality and would make the perfect addition to a high-end venue. The sumptuous cushions and super-sized seats are sure to keep your customers enjoying gin cocktails long after sundown.


If you would like a complimentary appraisal of your outdoor space to ensure you are maximising it to its full potential, give our team of expert consultants a call on 0800 6888 983.