“As the seasons change, be sure to keep your outdoor furniture looking tidy and fresh.   Rattan furniture can be easily hosed down with a garden hose pipe.  A good squirt of mild cleaning detergent onto the furniture before spraying will help shift any stubborn stains. Just be sure you do not have the hose on full pressure or carry this task out on a windy day.

Regular use of our go-to product, Woodberry Brown re-treatment fluid, will ensure your wooden furniture is always looking in tip-top condition. This white spirit based product is what we actually use to treat our furniture during the factory production process. It can be administered to all your softwood products. Our clever little kits contain all you need, to re-treat those areas of your wooden furniture that are overexposed to weather elements. Sandpaper, scrubbing cloth, brush, gloves and goggles together with easy to follow instructions make this kit an absolute must for any establishment that houses wooden furniture.”

If you are planning an end of season review and want some ideas on how to generate revenue from your outdoors, I would be delighted to spend some time with you. Just give me a call on 0800 6888 983 to arrange.

Doug Barr, Multi-Sector Consultant