Router Engraving

Router Engraving produces a deep, lasting result. Ideal for simple text messages, such as memorials or commemorations. Up to 2 lines of text can be engraved.  Length is limited by the size of the wood to be engraved. Text size is variable, as are upper and lower case letters. A proof of the text is required from the customer. Router Engraving is readily available, so lead times are usually short. This is the most popular option for memorial benches.

Router Engraving

  • An elegant, deep and lasting message engraved into the timber
  • Ideal for simple memorial or commemoration messages
  • Up to 2 lines of text
  • Length limited by size of item to be engraved
  • Upper and lower case letters available
  • Written wording required
  • Flat rate price
  • Fast Delivery



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