Heatmaster Electric Patio Heater

The Heatmaster Electric Patio Heater is a practical outdoor patio heater which fits easily to the stem of a parasol using a tightening nut.

Ideal for pubs and hotels, it provides instant heat.  The Heatmaster comes with a double switch to enable you to switch 2 or 4 lamps on.

  • A practical, effective outdoor patio heater
  • Ideal for pubs, restaurants and hotels
  • Offering that extra comfort to your customers
  • 14 pence p/h to run. Based on electricity costs of 7p/kw hour
  • Instant, effective heat within seconds
  • Directional heat exactly where you want it
  • Durable and maintenance free
  • Smart floodlight casing
  • 4 x 500w lamps, fits pole size – 25-55mm Heat output – 2kw
  • Double switch enables 2 or 4 lights to be turned on and off


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