Teak benches

Teak benches

Teak is a beautiful, closely grained hardwood used extensively to produce only the very best outdoor furniture.

Here’s the 5 key reasons why teak is the best timber to use for outdoor furniture:

1) Teak is naturally strong & resilient. Teak wood grows slowly causing it to be dense and closely grained and it’s natural oils prevent it becoming brittle. This means that the timber is strong, and performs well under years of heavy use.

2) Teak resists the weather like no other timber. Being full of natural oils, teak is brilliant at coping with harsh winters or scorching summers. Either way, its inherent oils stop it from absorbing water, so there’s no twisting or splitting.

3) Teak resists insect invasion. Again thanks to its inherent oils, teak performs well in deterring insects from invading the timber and causing it to break down.

4) Teak requires very low maintenance. Woodberry recommend that you purchase uncoated teak products and suggest that you allow it to age naturally over time. This causes the teak to slowly turn a silvery-grey colour. Many teak oils actually lead to the growth of mildew which looks unpleasant.

5) Teak is great-looking. There’s no disputing it; teak looks gorgeous. When it’s new, its golden hue is irresistible, but even when it starts to fade, the stately silver-grey colour still emits a quality appearance.