A pub garden patio with spaced out wooden picnic tables for social distancing

We thought it would be useful to look at how you can optimize your pub garden in a Covid Secure way with socially distanced picnic tables, protection screens and hand sanitizing stations.

Not only are pubs looking at how they can open safely in line with HSE guidelines but from a business point of view, how are you going to open in a cost-effective way?

As your interiors are deemed less safe than your outdoors, how can you maximise the number of customers you can serve outside to make it cost-effective to reopen?

As long-standing suppliers of commercial outdoor furniture, we are very experienced in looking at how pubs can optimize their gardens for customers. We’ve applied our experience and our new learnings about the Covid Secure guidelines to come up with some suggestions we hope will help you.

Is there any way you can extend your pub garden?

Several pub customers we have spoken to are looking at how they can convert their car parks, or if the brewery or pub owns additional land adjacent to the pub how they can open this to put in picnic tables and maximise their covers outdoors.

Of course this comes with the question about how to serve customers outdoors and how far it is from the kitchen or bar. Will you have table service or collection points? An outdoor bar or servery is a good idea to make it easy for customers to order and collect more food and drink.

A wooden cabin with half open sides to work as an outdoor servery for pubs, hotels and other catering outlets

Have you got enough Picnic Tables/Outdoor Furniture?

If you have to arrange your picnic tables at a 2m distance apart, is it worth measuring your garden and doing some quick calculations to see how many you can safely fit in.

We sell a range of different sized tables, from A-frame 6 seater picnic tables to square 2 seater wooden picnic tables and circular picnic tables as 4, 6 or 8 seaters this should help you optimize the number of picnic tables you can fit into your outdoor area.

Also, think about the size of groups you need to accommodate. Is it more cost-effective for your pub to focus on seating a family or couple for a meal in the garden rather than trying to accommodate socially distanced friends from different households just wanting a drink?

What state of repair and cleanliness are your picnic tables in?

Customers are going to be much more sensitive about cleanliness and the hygiene procedures you have in place.
Most commercial wooden picnic tables last a couple of years with heavy use. If you haven’t replaced them recently, now is the time to look at available options.

We offer recycled plastic and wooden picnic tables for commercial use.

We have a range of maintenance guides to help you restore your furniture – click here to read

A large well made square 8 seater picnic table made from recycled plastic in a garden setting
A wooden 6 seater A Frame picnic table on grass with a cream parasol

Picnic Table Rental

We appreciate that cash flow is going to be tight as you prepare to reopen so we have developed a range of rental packages to help you maximise your outdoor tables with minimal financial commitment.

Choose from 6 A Frame picnic tables for as little as £81 per week (for a minimum 6 week rental), price includes delivery and collection. Or check out the rest of the packages on offer here.

Our team are happy to be flexible to your commercial outdoor furniture requirements so please give us a call to discuss your needs and we can create a package for you. 01926 889922

A grey painted wooden A-Frame Picnic table located on a patio

Covid Secure Products

In addition to ensuring you have enough outdoor furniture, we are now offering a range of Covid Secure products for our pub customers.

Find out more about protection screens, hand sanitizing stations and outdoor serveries here

A portable hand wash basin located on a lawn
A counter top perspex screen 60cm wide by 75cm tall

We are here to help you as much as we can

We are absolutely in this together and want to help wherever we can to get your pub up and running as effectively as possible.

Please give us a call to talk through any ideas, questions or advice.
Call: 01926 889922
Email: mail@woodberry.co.uk