A hotel terrace with Gabion rectangular tables and benches, the table legs and bench legs are steel cages filled with large pebbles and wooden table and bench tops

Top recommendations for Hotel Garden Furniture

As long-time suppliers of outdoor furniture to UK hotels, we have a lot of experience working with clients to understand the needs for their business and their customers.

We have worked with large well known chain hotels and small independent boutique hotels to best advise what outdoor furniture they should use and where to place it in their grounds.

As designers and manufacturers of outdoor furniture we are well placed to work with clients to design bespoke furniture to fit their requirements and the dimensions of their terraces or gardens.

Here are Woodberry’s top recommendations of outdoor furniture for hotel gardens.

Best for Outdoor Dining

Outdoor dining furniture can have a big impact on your brand perception, the customer experience and the aesthetic you are trying to create.

  • If you want to create an elegant outdoor dining experience, we recommend rattan furniture
  • If your building is historic or you want to create a more rustic outdoor aesthetic, we recommend FSC® Certified wooden tables and chairs
  • If you are striving to achieve sustainable accreditation, we recommend our 100% recycled plastic outdoor dining tables and chairs
  • If you want an eye catching feature, we recommend stone filled gabion dining tables and benches
An elegant round dining table and arm chairs set in cream grey rattan located on a patio
Outdoor wooden rectangular dining tables and benches on a patio at the waters edge of Jurys Inn Hotel Newcastle
An outdoor round dining table and four chairs made from 100% recycled plastic located on a patio
An outdoor rectangular dining table and bench seats made from wooden tops and rock filled metal gabion cage legs on a patio

Best for outdoor bar areas

Create a different zone for outdoor drinks separate to your dining areas.

High poseur tables immediately suggest enjoying drinks rather than sit-down dining.

Ideal for terraces or on grass, we recommend;

Chunky FSC® Certified wooden poseur tables from our Castle range

Impressive stone filled gabion poseur tables with FSC® Certified wooden tops

Our wooden outdoor bar stools or high armchairs work great with either of these tables.

A square wooden poseur bar table with 4 wooden bar stools arranged around it located on a patio
A high poseur table with a wooden top and rock filled metal cage leg with 2 high wooden armchairs on a pub patio

Outdoor Sofas for Lounge Areas

Ideal for enjoying morning coffee, afternoon tea or pre-dinner drinks, outdoor sofas and coffee tables create a lounge style area.

These can be included in your dining areas as our outdoor sofas blend well with our outdoor dining furniture.

We recommend;

  • Luxury cream grey rattan sofa and dining table set
  • Modular Wooden Sofa – Warwick Range, this can be designed to your specific configuration
  • Wooden Coffee table with integral waterproof cushion storage
A luxury grey cream rattan sofa suite with large white cushions, comprises 2 3 seater sofas and a dining table
An outdoor wooden sofa in an L shape configuration with cushions for the back and seat. arranged around a rectangular wooden coffee table

Hotel Gardens - Benches & Litter Bins

Let your guests enjoy your hotel gardens with well placed benches and litter bins sympathetic to natural surroundings.


We offer a large range of park benches in teak, pine or recycled plastic. Our outdoor benches come in a range of sizes from 1.2m to 1.8m wide.

If you prefer backless benches, we offer chunky wooden benches, rock filled gabion cage leg benches or recycled plastic benches.

Litter Bins

Woodberry wooden litter bins are made from FSC® Certified sustainable wood, these are available in a range of styles; round, square, with lids, without lids, triple recycling bins.

We also offer a 100% recycled plastic litter bin with lid.


A wooden triple recycling bin with separate bins for card, food and plastic waste sorting

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