A large well made square 8 seater picnic table made from recycled plastic in a garden setting

Time for a Fresh Start?

In 2019, the hospitality industry saw the demise of plastic straws and condiment sachets but what else can your business do to become more sustainable, efficient and cost effective in 2020.

There is growing pressure from consumers for venues to become more environmentally friendly, with customers seeking out businesses that give them a feel-good factor.

Being sustainable is only going to become a more prevalent issue in 2020 so here are some ideas that might help your business save money and stand out from the competitors;

Reduce your carbon footprint and save money

  • Energy efficiency – how effective is your heating- building insulation and boilers? Do you have LED light bulbs?
  • Water efficiency – are your toilets low water usage?
  • Food Waste – are your portion sizes too large, could your chefs make better use of the whole vegetable/meat (stocks and soups)
  • Cooking oil –  can you return your used cooking oil to convert to bio-diesel
  • Recycling – what more can you do to recycle your waste, how can you work with your suppliers to reduce packaging and recycle

Environmental benefits your customers recognise

  • Locally sourced produce – cut down the food miles and let your customers enjoy regional produce that will put you on the map
  • Electric Car Charging Points in your car park
  • Working with local charities to pass on excess food that might go to waste to Foodbanks or Homeless Shelters
  • Accreditation from the Sustainable Restaurants Association, Food Made Good Business Awards, Soil Association Top Businesses, David Bellamy Conservation Awards
  • A badge on your furniture to show it is sustainably sourced


How can Woodberry help your business?

As a supplier to the hospitality industry we want to support pubs, hotels, holiday parks, golf clubs and tourist attractions to put sustainability at the heart of their businesses.

It is very important for us to feel we are committed to sustainability, morally doing the right thing for the environment, for society and for our customers.


Our Sustainable Products

FSC® Certified Timber
Many of our catalogue products are FSC® certified. These products are produced in accordance with FSC® rules and regulations. Look for the FSC® logo in the catalogue/online description

Read our blog on The Importance of FSC® Accreditation

100% Recycled Plastic Furniture
We have put a lot of research into sourcing a hard-wearing environmentally friendly recycled plastic range. Our Greendine range is made from 100% recycled HDPE, LDE and PET plastics.

Read more about our Greendine range


Our commitment to recycling

Recycling is incorporated into each and every process we undertake and is seen as very much part of the ethics of being a responsible company. If a product can be recycled, we will create a process to ensure we generate close to zero waste.

Each year we recycle:
• 12 tons of sawdust
• 8 tons of cardboard
• 1 ton of plastic

Read our blog on ‘What it means to be green’


What corporate social responsibility benefits we pass on to your business

  • Sustainably sourced products with origin badges so customers can understand the provenance of the furniture – either from FSC® certified timber or 100% recycled plastic
  • Long term cost benefits – our Greendine picnic tables have a 25-year structural guarantee so will last for decades
  • We are a company with strong morals and ethics who are always seeking to be as sustainable as possible
  • We would be pleased to work with you to help produce any marketing materials to help you communicate to your customers the provenance of Woodberry’s outdoor furniture


We would be delighted to talk to you about Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibility

Call our team on 01926 889922 or email mail@woodberry.co.uk