Being outside in the crisp autumn air is such a lovely feeling. All those beautiful colours to enjoy before nature takes a well-deserved rest until spring.  The majority of people will have packed away their outdoors for the summer, in preparation of harsh weather conditions. So finding a property with outdoor furniture on a bright, cold day will be the ultimate luxury.

Prepare your outdoors this season with ways to attract customers old and new. At this time of year there are lots of people out and about enjoying a country walk and the glorious autumn sceneary.  Use your outdoors as a hook to get them interested in your service offering and spending money. Even if the weather is rainy and wet, a well kept outdoors will attract customers to spend time enjoying your indoors and when the weather is dryer, they are more likely to return to enjoy your outdoors.

Remember you never get a second chance to make a first impression and you never know what is on your customers mind when they pop in for a coffee or quiet drink. They might be looking for a venue for a large function that could generate a sizeable income stream for you.

Adding planters around your doorways and pavements is a lovely way to greet customers. Our planters can be custom built to fit the size of your location, your wish is our command. Woodberry’s coloured Chunky Trough Planter crafted from Northern European Redwood is a simple but well-built flower planter that can be custom painted to harmonise with your outdoors or match your branding.

A bright sunny autumn day can soon become cold when the sun disappears. So it is a good idea to have a stock of outdoor heaters that can be easily moved to the spaces you want to use for customers. Consider setting your patios up where the winter sun is most prominent so customers can enjoy some sun therapy, whilst cosying near a patio heater.

Our Pyramid Gas Patio Heater is a stunning looking heater and features wheels, making it super easy to move around. The heaters come with a safety switch mechanism which shuts the heater off if it tilts too far or tips over. Their bright glow also creates a lovely source of light after sunset.

Outdoor Cabins
Our Alfresco Dining Cabins are the perfect solution for those colder days and can comfortably take our very popular Castle Range; a firm customer favourite. These impressive trade quality units crafted from durable northern European redwood create the perfect focal point to an outdoor space and can be settled as a stand-alone cabin or in a row depending on the size of your outdoors.
The cabins are ideal for a bookable private dining experience or as a cabin to serve street food and snacks. 

To talk through how you can make the most of your outdoors, call our friendly team of consultants on 0800 6888 983.