“The addition of cushions to seats and benches can create the ultimate in comfort for your customers, encouraging them to stay longer.

The perfect cushion should be thick, chunky, and spring back into shape after use, making each seating experience feel like it is the first time that the cushion has been used. A customer will class seats as uncomfortable and of inferior quality if they do not have chunky cushions. So do check your cushions to make sure they are still helping to keep your customers comfortable. A good quality cushion should last you around three seasons, depending on how well they are looked after. Don’t forget to keep then clean and dry during inclement weather in a good strong outdoor storage box.”

For a complimentary appraisal of your outdoor space and to ensure you are maximising it to its full potential, give me a call and I will happily help you by telephone or a site visit.”

Leonard Barr, Consultant, Hotel Division