“I recently read an article, that piqued my interest, on the Tourism Alliance website. It talks about The English Premier League and how it is the ” leading driver of inbound tourism amongst overseas football fans”  Did you know that a staggering  “800,000 international visitors are going to a football match annually, spending £684m during their time in the country. “

Which leads me on to ask, how prepared are you for customers who will be staying with you to enjoy the football?  Make sure you have plenty of casual outdoor furniture such as poseurs and parasols for fans to enjoy a burger and beer around your outdoors before they head out for the match.  Make sure you are also ready to welcome them after the match when they will be celebrating or commiserating after seeing their team play. 

Promote your service offering on social media channels with relevant hashtags to help fans who are searching for a hotel to find your property and consider sharing your posts on football-related Facebook groups.

For a complimentary appraisal of your outdoor space and to ensure you are maximising it to its full potential, give me a call and I will happily help you by telephone or a site visit.”

Leonard Barr, Consultant, Hotel Division