A cream grey rattan dining table and chairs set on a patio

Cleaning Outdoor Rattan Furniture Step by Step

Synthetic rattan is made of plastic so it is easy to clean and maintain. We recommend you clean your outdoor rattan furniture at least once a year in order to keep it in an attractive condition. Our rattan furniture comes with tempered safety glass table tops so please remove these before you commence the rattan cleaning.

  1.  Rattan furniture should be cleaned with warm water and a non-foaming cleaner like Dettol
  2. It is important to use a non-foaming cleaner on rattan as a foaming product will leave residue in the gaps of the weave
  3. Use a soft cloth or sponge to wash the furniture down
  4. Brush the furniture using a hand brush or soft scrubbing pad to ensure it is fully clean
  5. Finally rinse the furniture off well with clean water using a garden hose with spray attachment
  6. Ensure the host is on a wide spray at a distance of approx. 1m

Can I jet wash spray outdoor rattan furniture?

You can use a power hose jet wash spray but we would advise caution and it is not necessary to get the rattan furniture clean. You could potentially damage the rattan weave depending on the force of the spray. You might also struggle to keep furniture from moving away if you are trying to clean a lighter outdoor dining chair.

If you are going to use a jet wash spray, we advise standing at least 1.5m away from the rattan furniture you are cleaning and put the hose setting to a lighter spray. In the interests of making sure furniture is bacteria free, make sure you have sponged the furniture down with warm water and cleaning fluid before you spray it down.

How do I protect my rattan furniture outside?

The rattan furniture we offer is commercial grade synthetic weave with a strong aluminium frame. It is suitable to keep outside in all weather and simply needs a wipe down to keep excess water off.

You should clean the tempered glass safety tops after every dining experience but for the rest of the frame you need only clean this down once a year to keep it looking in great condition.

To protect the outdoor rattan furniture through the winter, we advise removing the glass tops to store indoors and moving the furniture to a more sheltered location near to a building or store it inside during really inclement weather.

In high winds, definitely move the furniture to a more sheltered area to avoid the furniture becoming structurally damaged.

Cream outdoor rattan dining tables and chairs on a hotel lawn blown over by strong winds

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