A chunky round wooden outdoor table and four pine armchairs around it on a lawn

Our FSC® Certified soft wood outdoor furniture that is made here in Leamington Spa comes with a 10-year structural guarantee.

But, you need to take some care of the furniture to keep it clean, structurally sound and looking great.

Here are some frequently asked questions about caring for wooden outdoor furniture.

What is the best way to clean wooden outdoor furniture?

Cleaning is best done on a bright dry day

  1. Ensure the wooden table top is clean from food and drink by cleaning it with a soft rag and warm soapy water
  2. To ensure that lichen and mildew is removed use a stiff brush and a weak solution of warm water and vinegar
  3. To remove any stubborn dirt or bird deposits clean the surface with a scouring pad
  4. Smooth out any splinters or rough areas that have appeared with sandpaper
  5. Sweep clean and remove any dust with a hand brush
  6. Allow the wooden surfaces to dry out
  7. You are then ready to apply a preserving treatment to it if you wish

What is the best treatment for wooden outdoor furniture?

For soft wood outdoor furniture we recommend a wood treatment solution that is an easy-to-apply spirit based timber preservative for Northern European redwood products.

The treatment fluid we offer will treat up to 10 items of furniture from a 5L bottle.

We have researched a lot over the years and find this product is more cost effective and longer lasting than other wood stains.

Apply the treatment fluid with a clean rag or paint brush rubbing it into the wood well along the same direction as the grain.

Wood treatment kit with wood preserver can, protection equipment and brushes

How do I apply protective treatment fluid to wooden outdoor furniture?

Once you have cleaned the wooden furniture well, removing any mildew, and sanded it down if there are any rough areas or splinters, we recommend the following process

  1. Ensure the area that you are going to treat is completely dry
  2. Read any health and safety instructions before you start
  3. Wear protective gloves and goggles
  4. Shake the tin of wood preserve liquid thoroughly before use
  5. Apply the treatment fluid to a clean cloth or paintbrush
  6. Rub it over the wood in the same direction of the grain
  7. Rub it in well ensuring there is no residual fluid remaining and it goes deep into the grain
  8. Allow 48 hours to thoroughly dry

Can I apply wood treatment if my furniture already has peeling paint or varnish on it?

You can still apply a wood preserve treatment on your outdoor furniture but you must scrape off or sand down any residual peeling varnish or paint to expose the original wood.

Also, think about how this is going to look on your furniture and whether this will be off putting to customers sitting at the table in future.

How long does wooden outdoor furniture last for?

All the FSC® Certified wooden tables and chairs we produce are structurally guaranteed for between 5- 10 years given fair wear and tear.

We have found some customers have kept their commercial wooden outdoor furniture in great shape for longer than this with yearly wood preserve treatment and attentive maintenance.

Call or email us for more maintenance advice

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All our team have expertise in caring for outdoor furniture and can talk you through step by step when it comes to sprucing up your outdoor furniture.

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