A square teak outdoor dining table and four stacking armchairs around it on a patio

We supply a lot of top grade teak outdoor dining furniture to pubs, hotels, holiday parks, golf clubs and tourist attractions.

Teak is incredibly hardwearing and is perfect for producing outdoor furniture due to it being closely grained hardwood.

Our teak outdoor dining tables, chairs and benches come with a 5-10 year structural guarantee. However, with careful care and attention we hope your furniture will last longer.

Here are some frequently asked questions about caring for teak furniture that we hope will help you.

How do you clean teak outdoor furniture?

In order to maintain the attractive condition of your teak outdoor furniture, we recommend you clean it once a year.

  1. Choose a sunny day to do this
  2. Rinse your furniture with a garden hose to release debris and dirt (not a high pressure one as this may cause surface erosion)
  3. Take 1 gallon of water, a quarter of a cup of bleach and two thirds of a cup of light laundry detergent and mix together
  4. With a stiff hand brush use the liquid mixture to clean and remove mildew and staining from the furniture
  5. Use the brush with smooth strokes along the direction of the grain
  6. Take the hose again and rinse the furniture thoroughly – making sure there is no detergent mix left on the wood
  7. Leave the furniture in the sun to dry out

We strongly suggest that you keep your outdoor furniture in a place where it benefits from regular, direct sunlight as this will naturally kill mould and mildew growth

Should I use teak oil?

Teak is a beautiful wood that mellows to a grey colour with age. If you do not want this then you can use a teak protector to enhance the cosmetic appearance of the teak.

We would recommend that you do not use teak oil but use a specific teak protector fluid that will keep the furniture looking far better than oil ever will.

It will also be better for customers sitting on furniture as the teak protector can dry fully and not be a risk to customers clothing that oil could be.

You should repeat annually to keep the appearance of your teak looking smart.

A 1.8m teak park bench with thick slats at the back and seat located on a lawn with a bright flower bed behind it

What is the best treatment for my teak?

  1. Choose a sunny day
  2. Clean your teak furniture with a mixture of water, bleach and laundry detergent
  3. Spray down with a hose to ensure it is fully clean
  4. Leave in a sunny place to totally dry out
  5. Once dry, prepare yourself with gloves, a mask and goggles
  6. Get the teak protector fluid and a cloth
  7. Pour a little of the teak protector fluid onto the cloth
  8. Rub the cloth (with the protector fluid on it) on to the wood, following the wood grain in 1 direction
  9. Do this all over the furniture including in between the seat slats where possible and underneath the furniture
  10. Leave to fully dry

Click here to find out more about teak protection kits and fluid.

A teak outdoor furniture care kit with treatment fluid bottle and cloths and sponges laid out on a wooden table

How long does teak furniture last outdoors?

Teak requires very little maintenance, it resists weather like no other timber, it resists insect invasion and it ages to a good looking silver grey colour.

The teak outdoor dining table, chairs and benches that we offer are guaranteed between 5-10 years depending on the product. But we have customers who have maintained their furniture longer than this and it still works well in a busy commercial dining environment.

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All our team can provide expert advice about caring for outdoor furniture. We’d be happy to talk you through step by step procedures in you require help.

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