the welly clad feet of a child splashing in a muddy puddle

Preparing your outdoor space for half term visitors

With only a couple of weeks to go, and the weather forecast (so far) looking favourable…. Is your outdoor area ready for half term?!

Here at Woodberry, we are ready to get the wellies muddy and enjoy some fresh air in the great outdoors this February.

Given our long-time expertise in outdoor furniture, we thought we’d pass on a few tips to help your outdoors look in great shape, increase your footfall and hopefully your food sales.

Will your café be open for half term?

If not, why not? Even if families bring picnics to your venue they will certainly be in need of a warm drink from the café after running about in the ‘fresh’ air. And will probably be more inclined to buy a hot meal from you than nibble on their cold sandwiches.

Sitting outside

If you are going to be open and serving food, what state of repair is your outdoor furniture in?
Make sure you give it a wipe down to remove any mildew or bird deposits.

If you have stacked the furniture away for winter then put out at least a few sets to appear welcoming and enable customers to determine your café is open!

It might also help to encourage those customers with very muddy footwear to sit outside to enjoy a coffee rather than trailing mud into your café?! If you have a boot scraper put it somewhere prominent…

Outdoor furniture treatment and repair

If your outdoor furniture needs a bit more than a wipe-down, Woodberry offers a very good wood treatment kit to restore it and will be happy to give expert step by step advice on how to use it.

If your furniture is getting very wobbly or is beyond a clean or paint treatment then please get in touch with us now. We are able to supply new furniture quickly and currently have great money saving offers available. Call 01926 889922 to speak to our friendly efficient team.

View our range of outdoor furniture that is most popular with tourist attractions.

What provision are you making for customers to bring a picnic?

Do you have separate picnic benches, park benches, seating areas to your café? Are these accessible (not under water or mud?), with clean, wiped down furniture? Do you have enough litter bin provision in these areas? Do you offer recycling bins for litter separation?

Litterbin provision

If you are looking to update your litter bin provision, view a range here.
We can provide recycling signage or bespoke the litter bins with your own branding.

Tidy up and brighten up

Even though this time of year is pretty drab, there are still some great ways to brighten up an outside space and make it look neater.

Woodberry offers a range of planters in robust wood.

Planters really brighten up an area, make landscaping look neat but also enable you to differentiate an area or create barriers or separate zones if required. Plant with spring bulbs or evergreen shrubs.
Give everywhere a good sweep up, especially in areas where people will sit to eat so that customers are less likely to slip.

Include the whole family

Do your tables have a provision for buggies and wheelchairs?

We are always keenly thinking about our customers customer and have ranges of outdoor furniture that are inclusive for all. Our circular 6 seat picnic tables allow easy accessibility for buggies and wheelchairs to sit to table.

What about customers with dogs? Do you offer dog bowls of water or biscuits to show they are welcome?
We sell dog lead hooks as a friendly additional extra to your picnic tables to show everyone is catered for.

And finally….

Some of these thoughts are great to share with customers when you are promoting your half term activities on social media to show you have really thought about their needs and the little details.

We hope you have a great half term.
If there is anything we can help with please give us a call asap 01926 889922