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Bradfield College

A beautiful shot of our stable and strong handcrafted Circular 8s and Circular 4s seating solutions paired up with bright blue printed parasols at the prestigious educational establishment Bradfield College.

Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School & Sixth Form College

Our very finely crafted Gabion bench looks stunning on the pretty coloured patio area of the school garden at Holmes Chapel Comprehensive School & Sixth Form College. Just look at the flowers and pretty little arbor. It really makes us wish we were back at school.

Tonbridge School – Teak Sets

Woodberry’s popular teak sets are pictured here at Tonbridge School. These traditional sets provide a durable outdoor seating solution that matches well against the historic backdrop. Our teak tables and chairs can be mixed and matched with our teak benches as shown. View our teak sets HERE. View our teak benches HERE.

Wildern School – Circular Range Tables

Woodberry’s Circular 8 seater and Circular 6 Seater remain a popular outdoor seating solution for schools. With a robust design and little maintenance requirement they last for many many years and bring a cost-effective asset to schools and colleges. See our Circular Tables HERE.

University of Winchester – Circular Tables

Our popular Circular 8-seater tables are seen here at the University of Winchester. The picnic tables are useful for this special event as well as robust assets for future use at the University. Shown are our Circular 6 seater, 8 seater and 12 seater. View our Circular Range HERE.

Neath Port Talbot College – Circular 8s

Woodberry’s popular & robust Circular 8 tables are pictured here in the courtyard at Neath Port Talbot College. Ideal for college or university environments, these tables provide a long-term solution for eating outdoors, as well as providing a new fresh look and attractive seating for students. View our Circular 8 seaters HERE.

Pleckeate High School – Circular 8 tables

Woodberry’s popular Circular 8 tables are pictured here at Pleckeate High School. Ideal for school environments, these tables make eating outdoors a real treat for the students, as well as providing a robust and long-lasting solution. See the product HERE.

Kingsford Community College – Circular 8 Tables

Our popular Circular 8 seater tables are shown here at Kingsford College in this attractive outdoor dining area. Together with backless benching around the trees, they provide a robust and long-lasting solution in this school environment. View our Circular 8 Seaters HERE.

Reading University – Circular 6 tables

Our popular Circular 6 seater tables are seen here at Reading University. This plaza area already had benching around the perimeter, and our wheelchair friendly tables were the ideal solution to provide more seating and to enhance this outdoor area. See the product HERE.

St Brelades College – Teak Sets

This sunny location here at St Brelades College features Woodberry’s Teak 900 Tables with our Teak Stackers, Manor litter bins and wayside benches (on the deck below the windows). These provide a varied array of outdoor seating for the students to relax or eat outdoors. View our Teak Sets HERE. View our Manor Litter Bins HERE.

Yarnfield Primary School – Circular 8 Tables

Pictured here are Woodberry’s popular Circular 8 seater tables at Yarnfield Primary School, where they provide robust outdoor seating for the pupils. Fixed down too for safety and security with our hard ground fixing kits. View our Circular 8 tables HERE. View our Hard Ground Fixing Kits HERE.

Imperial College London – 2.4m Bericote Benches

Woodberry’s flagship Bericote benches sit proudly against The Imperial College London. These high quality benches provide a fitting solution in this high profile university environment, lasting many years even under heavy use. View our 2.4m Bericote Benches HERE.
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