Kenilworth Castle – Castle Range Sets

Woodberry’s flagship Castle Range benches and tables, fit perfectly with this superb historic environment at Kenilworth Castle in Warwickshire. An excellent attraction to visit, these robust tables and benches will last years  and come with a 10 year guarantee. Read more about our Castle Range here.

Tresco Estate – 2m A-Frames

Would you like a party on the beach in the Isles of Scilly? Here it is – Woodberry’s chunky 2m A-Frame tables provide an excellent party solution as they can be placed together end to end to cater for as many as you need! View our 2m A-Frame tables HERE.

NTS Culzean Castle – Estate Litter Bins

National Trust for Scotland Culzean Castle has used Woodberry’s heavy-duty Estate Litter Bins very effectively for recycling. These large litter bins last for years in tourist attractions and holiday parks, and come with a 10 year guarantee. You will also notice Woodberry print the National Trust for Scotland logo on the bins, which we can do for any NTS sites free of charge. Read more about our Estate Litter bins here.

Parkfields School – Dorchester Benches

Woodberrys Dorchester benches provide a robust seating solution here in this attractive memorial area at Parkfields Middle School. The recycled plastic seats and galvanized steel frames are totally maintenance free, so the benches will be a long-lasting and hassle-free asset to the school. Read more about our Dorchester benches here.

Old Bridge Hotel – Luxury Teak Sets

The Old Bridge Hotel provide a truly top quality outdoor dining experience using Woodberry’s Teak tables and Teak Diner Chairs. The teak timber is the best in the world, and provides a low maintenance but highly durable solution that will last for years. Why not visit the Old Bridge Hotel in Huntingdon to find out? Read more about our teak tables and chairs here.

Donington Park Farmhouse – Teak Sets

This stunning rustic-style patio at the Donington Park Farmhouse Hotel displays Woodberry’s luxury Teak Sets. The teak furniture matches well with the rustic timber beams and farmhouse style, as well as providing a high quality dining experience for guests, and a low maintenance solution for the hotel. Read more about our teak tables and chairs here.

Walworth Castle Hotel – Gabion Benches

Woodberry’s Gabion benches are pictured here against the superb backdrop of the beautiful Walworth Castle Hotel. The Hotel benefited from Woodberry’s adapted design service, as they wanted the benches extra long at 8 foot each. Used as “spectator seating” these benches provide a robust, fixed solution. Read more about our Gabion Benches here.

Birmingham University – Turret Tables & Grand Stackers

The quality and robustness of our unique dining sets are displayed here at Birmingham University. These sets, consisting of the hardwearing Turret Tables and the durable Teak Grand Stacker Chairs combine to ensure a pleasant dining experience. The tables are spacious, with plenty of room for four to dine, and are made to be long-lasting, with a double thickness top and 96 x 96 mm legs. The chairs finish the set with their dignity and style and can be stacked safely, so they will save space as well – the ideal dining set for any hospitality situation.

Read more about our Turret tables and Teak Stacker chairs here.

Beaumont Estate Hotel – Gabion Sets

This stunning outdoor patio at the Beaumont Estate Hotel contains a fine array of Woodberry’s Gabion sets. Superbly suited to this extravagant garden, they certainly make for an eye-catching and memorable outdoor dining area. Matching poseurs add to the capacity of this garden, as well as complimenting the dining sets. Read more about our Gabion Sets here.

Polgooth Inn

This fabulous garden at The Polgooth Inn shows a variety of Woodberry’s Circular Range, as well as teak sets and poseur sets. We always believe that a mix of different furniture in your garden gives a great appeal, especially if you cater for a wide spectrum of clients form young children to elderly people.

View our Circular Range here.
View our Teak sets here.
View our Poseur sets here.

Staith House – Gabion Sets

This stunning patio area at The Staith House sports Woodberry’s rustic Gabion Sets. Fitting well with the chunky wooden beams, they provide long-lasting yet attractive outdoor seating for guests. Read more about our Gabion Sets here.

Tortworth Court Hotel – Carvers, Diners & Turrets

Beauty and robustness are displayed here in these high quality dining sets at the Tortworth Court Hotel. They comprise our Teak Carver armchairs, Teak Diner chairs and Turret tables, which, together with our quality parasols and bases, merge to create a truly sumptuous dining experience. View our Teak Carvers here. View our Teak Diners here. View our Turret tables here.

Red Lion – Aframe Picnic Benches

Woodberry’s 6-seater a-frame picnic benches, made for heavy use at pubs, are pictured here in this beautiful rose garden at the Red Lion. They provide a robust and cost-effective outdoor seating solution, and carry a 5 year structural guarantee. Read more about our A Frame benches here.

Lygon Arms – Atlantique Sets

This lovely Cotswold scene features Woodberry’s Atlantique Sets outside the Lygon Arms Hotel. These wood-effect plastic and aluminium sets provide a functional and low maintenance solution and can be easily stacked away for storage if required. Read more about our Atlantique sets here.

Jury’s Hotel – Castle Range Sets

This stunning riverside location at the Jury’s Hotel is shown here with Woodberry’s Caste Range Sets. The rich wood and green parasols provide an attractive contrast to the paving and steel railings. You will notice that some of the sets are made to a shorter length – Woodberry offer a flexible and professional bespoke service. Read more about our Castle Sets here.

Fox & Hounds – Circular 8 & A-frame tables

A combination of our Circular 8 and Standard A-frame tables are shown here at the Fox & Hounds. Smart looks and functional design give it that unmistakable touch of class, especially added to with Woodberry’s navy and cream parasols.

View the Circular 8 here.
View the Standard A-frame here.

The Royal Oak – Gabion Sets

Our striking Gabion sets are seen here outside The Royal Oak. Having undergone a big refurbishment, these tables provided a great finishing touch. Shown containing beach pebbles, they carry natural but smart look and always turn the heads of your customers! Read more about our Gabion sets here.

National Trust Sudbury Hall – Circular 4 Seater Tables

These Circular 4 Seater Tables, as shown here at Sudbury Hall, are the perfect option for hotels and pub gardens where space is limited, offering a compact drinking table for four. The tables are also treated with a spirit immersion treatment and the 146mm x 96mm legs plus the double thickness top ensure that the table is durable and hard-wearing. Read more about our Circular 4 Seater Tables here.

Sandygate Inn – Bourton 2 Seaters

The perfect setting for our narrow Bourton 2 seaters! Here, the Sandygate Inn are using these Bourton tables to fit along either side of their deck. A great idea to ensure this space is a profitable space! Read more about our Bourton 2 seater tables here.

Kedleston Hall – Teak Sets

Here at Kedleston Hall, Woodberry’s Teak stacking chairs and Teak 900 tables provide a quality dining experience for guests. A traditional favourite, teak sets are ideal for historic properties such as this, conveying quality and well as looking great. Read more about our Teak Sets here.

University of Winchester – Circular Tables

Our popular Circular 8-seater tables are seen here at the University of Winchester. The picnic tables are useful for this special event as well as robust assets for future use at the University. Shown are our Circular 6 seater, 8 seater and 12 seater. View our Circular Range HERE.

China Fleet Country Club – Circular 8s

Woodberry’s Circular 8 seater picnic tables suit well in this rural scene at the China Fleet Country Club, providing a reliable and heavy-duty outdoor seating solution.

View our Circular 8 Seaters HERE.

Monk House Hill – Greendine 1.4m Recycled Plastic Table

This extremely low-maintenance, 6-seater table offers an affordable, yet environmetally friendly option for any pub garden, school or park. The hard-wearing, recycled plastic is weatherproof and can even be recycled itself, whilst the frame is reinforced with galvanized metal to ensure that the bench is strong. This table is available in 5 different colours to ensure it suits your need. Why not check this product out in more detail HERE.

Wildern School – Circular Range Tables

Woodberry’s Circular 8 seater and Circular 6 Seater remain a popular outdoor seating solution for schools. With a robust design and little maintenance requirement they last for many many years and bring a cost-effective asset to schools and colleges. See our Circular Tables HERE.
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