When it comes to choosing furniture for your hotel, you should consider the needs of each and every customer, from young children to your retired clientele. By carefully selecting a range of furniture based on the needs of your customers, you can be sure that they will enjoy your outdoors for longer and spend more money on food and drink.

We have matched our favourite furniture to the different groups of customers who may visit or stay at your property.

A family group of small children and adults will be looking for somewhere to sit that not only accommodates the size of their group, but can also cater for their accessories, such as buggies and pushchairs. There is nothing worse than trying to navigate around hotel outdoor space with small children and pushchairs, only to find nowhere suitable to sit.
Our Hex Family Set ticks all the boxes when it comes to practicality and have been cleverly designed with a central pedestal so no-one gets a leg. The flat-seated chairs are ideal for taking strap-on kids high-chair, or can be simply moved aside for push-chair access.

Time spent as a couple is rare with so much going on in everyday life. So it is nice to offer a space within your property where couples can kick back and enjoy some ‘together time’ without being disturbed by larger groups of people. Our Bourton 2 Seater Table with Backrests are compact, practical tables designed especially for a group of two. The addition of backrests to this model makes it a thoroughly relaxing sit-down to enjoy dinner and drinks in the sunshine.

Sports Clientele

Hotel bars are often used as a ‘pitstop’ for football and rugby fans to enjoy a casual drink either before or after a match. Offering a space where this group of customer can enjoy a drink and a chat about their beloved football team is a great way to generate income.  Our Square Poseur Table make good use of limited space and feature a stable footrest giving extra comfort to users. The poseurs also include provisioning for a parasol to keep customer sheltered from the sun or inclement rain showers.

Retired Clientele

Retired customers are constantly out and about in search of somewhere to enjoy a leisurely lunch or overnight stay. Be sure to cater for their needs by offering a range of furniture that is supremely comfortable and easy to access. Large comfy seats with backrests, armrests and the option of cushions are a good investment for this group of customers. Our Teak 900 set ticks all the boxes for retired clientele.  A superbly crafted and well-made square teak table
for groups of four with large sturdy armrests to help create a comfortable seating experience.


Disabled Clientele
Did you know there are around 1.2 million wheelchair users in the UK so it is a good idea to consider the suitability of your outdoor furniture to ensure you are meeting the needs of this group of customer.  Our Circular 6 with Backrest is the ideal seating solution for customers who are wheelchair-bound. These sturdy, wobble-free units have been carefully designed with space between each fixed seat, that will comfortably fit a wheelchair.

Installing sturdy and reliable furniture and accessories around your outdoors will save your staff time and unnecessary hassle. Don’t allow your customers to complain to your waiting staff about the quality of your furniture.

Give our friendly team of expert consultants a call on0800 6888 983 to talk through what furniture range will suit the needs of your hotel and guests.