A two seater wooden picnic table, a round wooded outdoor table and four chairs around, a rectangular table and two benches either side

As the hospitality industry prepares to reopen and Covid-19 Risk Assessments are being completed, how can you ensure your customers remain socially distanced whilst enjoying your facilities?

If you have dining tables and chairs in your gardens, on your terraces or decks they provide great flexibility to accommodate different sized groups, but will this work for your business as you try to optimize the tables that you can serve safely and keep customers socially distanced from each other.

Fixed seating like picnic tables or heavy tables and benches could provide an easy solution to keep people sitting in designated areas and ensure you are not rearranging the furniture after every sitting.

You know what will work best for your business.

Fixed Outdoor Furniture

If you have a small to medium outdoor space to serve customers in, fixed Picnic Tables and Heavy Tables and Benches that cannot be moved around might be the best option for you.

If you have an open access garden or front outdoor area where furniture cannot be easily secured then fixed furniture is also good from a security point of view.

Fixed seating like picnic tables will be easier to maintain social distancing measures as customers cannot rearrange the furniture themselves. It also means you do not have to tidy chairs back into place frequently.

We have a range of different sized picnic tables to accommodate different group sizes from 2 seater picnic tables to 8 seater picnic tables.

A Patio over looking the Chilterns Forest with a range of wooden 6 and 8 seater round picnic tables on it
A variety of different picnic tables round square and rectangular ones in a pub garden
Stone filled gabion legged rectangular tables and benches on the terrace at Devere Horsely Estate Hotel

Flexible Outdoor Furniture

If your outdoor space allows, you can be more flexible with your seating and establish zoned areas for dining or drinking.

Outdoor dining tables and chairs and poseur tables and stools enable you to offer more flexible options to your customers. If you are doing pre-booked tables only then this allows you to adapt the table configurations to the size of the group to best optimize who you are serving.

Poseur tables are a good option for areas where you want to create an outdoor bar space as they take up less space and people can socially distance around them.

Flexible seating will be harder to police than fixed seating as customers are likely to move available chairs around to suit their group needs.

A round grey rattan patio table and matching dining armchairs arranged on a patio
A square wooden poseur table and four bar stools outside on a patio
A teak outdoor square dining table and four armchairs on a patio with a red parasol

Fixed and Flexible

If you are worried about accommodating a range of group sizes with fixed seating options, we do offer a solution.

Our Bourton Picnic Table range is designed to be placed together with table height and bench height the same across the range.

For flexibility there are 2 seater, 4 seater and 6 seater picnic tables.

These are easy enough for 2 staff members to move but heavy enough to discourage customers from rearranging the furniture.

If you are looking for a fixed seating solution, to avoid reclaiming chairs and to ensure social distancing, Bourton picnic tables could be the answer.

A 2 seater wooden picnic table where the bench seats have backrests loccated on a patio
A wooden rectangular picnic table with a green parasol located on a garden lawn
Two Bourton 2 seater picnic tables in a pub garden
A solidly built wooden picnic table suitable for 4 people with rectangular table and two fixed benches