winter gazebo offers

Woodberry now offers a range of outdoor weatherproof gazebos for commercial hospitality venues.

If you are looking for outdoor shelter provision for your hospitality venue or looking to replace a temporary marquee or tent, then we have put together our recommendations for the best winter gazebos.

All our gazebos can be fitted with electric wall mounted heaters and lighting for additional light and warmth.

Our best winter gazebos recommendations are based on what your requirements are and your venue location.

Best Winter Gazebos for Pub Gardens

The hardest working gazebos that we offer are wooden or metal gazebos.
These are weatherproof and come in a range of sizes to suit your space. They are surface fixed so they are robust, but easy to install as they do not need foundations digging.

Our pub customers have used them in pub beer gardens, on hard standing in carparks and on patios next to the pub building. Used for private event hire, outdoor drinking and dining, sports viewing and film nights. These outdoor gazebos make pub outdoor spaces work hard no matter the weather.

Wooden Gazebos with sides

Many of our pub clients have had wooden gazebos installed to include pvc side panels as these enable more weather proofing and provide a private and cosy outdoor space in winter.

Metal Gazebos with a louvered roof

For versatility, the Quadrat Gazebo is a popular choice for pubs as the louvered roof slats can be easily opened and closed to suit the weather. When the slats are fully closed, the roof is waterproof. The slats can then be easily opened to different positions on sunny days to create shade or let in the light. This gazebo range comes with integral side blinds.

Best winter gazebos for coastal locations

In coastal locations, hospitality venues need outdoor gazebos that withstand wind and changeable weather.

All our gazebos have weather proof roofs but our recommendation of the best winter gazebo for coastal locations is the Quadrat Gazebo.

This strong metal gazebo has a flat louvered roof which is waterproof when fully closed.

This winter gazebo has been built to withstand a wind force of 120km/h.

The gazebo must be affixed to a hardstanding surface. It has a 5-year structural guarantee.


Best winter gazebo for small groups

We have a range of smaller gazebos and dining cabins that are suitable for small customer groups.

Wooden Outdoor Dining Cabins seat up to 6 people and are ideal as self-contained units with integrated tables and bench seats. The side panels are full height so provide weather protection on 3 sides. These measure 2.1m x 2m x 2.6m tall.

Many pub and hotel clients have decorated and themed these in bright colours to resemble beach huts.

Smaller size outdoor metal Quadrat Gazebos (3m x 3.5m) can seat up to 12 people on 2 or 3 tables that fit beneath. These gazebos have integral side blinds for private dining events.

Best winter gazebos for traditional buildings and heritage venues

For a gazebo that is sympathetic to its environment, especially near older buildings or at heritage venues, we would recommend the Cedar Wood Gazebo.

It has lovely detail in the roof and is made from Cedar wood with a galvanised steel roof.

This gazebo is available in 1 size, 4.3m wide x 3.6m deep x 3.1m tall.

The gazebo would work well as a venue for weddings or special events.


Best Winter Gazebo to adjoin a building

The mono pitch gazebo or quadrat gazebo are designed to closely adjoin a building but are still free-standing structures.

Both have waterproof roofs and optional side blinds.

The mono pitch gazebo has a fixed roof available in polycarbonate or glass. Both options let in good light levels.

The polycarbonate has a slightly frosted finish so that it blocks light glare and does not show the dirt as easily as the glass roof.

The monopitch gazebo has a maximum roof height of 2.8m that goes down to a 2.5m lower roof height.

It has integrated drainage to avoid roof run off.

The mono pitch gazebo has a 6m width between pillars so this might be more useful to adjoin to a building as it would give ample room to avoid doors and windows opening.


Large Winter Gazebos

Woodberry offers 3 different styles of gazebo in larger sizes.

The Wooden Gazebo and Quadrat Gazebo ranges accommodate approximately 36 people seated at tables or 60 standing or seated in rows for events. The mono pitch gazebo is intended to cover much larger areas.

Wooden Gazebo
The Wooden Gazebo range comes in a 5.3m long or 7m long size. This gazebo range has the option of PVC sides available for a more sheltered and enclosed environment. It can be dressed up with lights and electric wall mounted heaters added for warmth.
Multiple gazebos can be placed side by side if you require a large area covering

Quadrat Gazebo
The Quadrat metal gazebo with louvered roof is available as a 5.4m long or 7.2m long gazebo. The 7.2m x 3.5m gazebo size seats up to 36 people on 6 separate tables or 2 long communal tables.

Mono Pitch Gazebo
The Mono Pitch Gazebo offers options to cover much larger areas. Available off-the-shelf in 8m x 6m, 12m x 6m or 16m x 6m sizes. This gazebo can also be designed to your bespoke measurements so please talk to our team if you do require a larger gazebo.

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Please give us a call, arrange a free site survey and enquire about which gazebo would work best at your venue.

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