best pub picnic tables

As Outdoor Pub Furniture Suppliers for over 15 years, we have plenty of knowledge on which commercial outdoor picnic tables work well in pub beer gardens.

Whether you are looking for pub patio furniture or beer garden lawn furniture, Woodberry commercial pub picnic tables work well on both hard standing and grass.

We offer heavy duty wooden picnic tables and recycled plastic picnic tables, which work hard as outdoor pub garden furniture and last for years.

Here are our top recommendations on the best picnic tables for pub beer garden furniture.

Budget Pub Picnic Tables

If you are on a tight budget, then we have a range of budget pub picnic tables to suit your needs.

  • Budget 6-seater Picnic Table from £110 + VAT *
  • Budget 8-Seater Picnic Table – £145 + VAT
  • Budget Circular 8 seater Picnic Table £340 + VAT

*Minimum quantity orders apply

All are delivered flat packed.

Circular Pub Picnic Tables

Choose from 4, 6 or 8 seater circular pub garden picnic tables.

These are available with or without seat backrests.

The round picnic tables have easy access picnic bench seats rather than climbing over like an A-Frame Picnic Table.

With a double thickness table top, they are very heavy duty wooden picnic tables.

These pub picnic tables come with a 10-year commercial use structural guarantee.

From £460 + VAT

Easy Access Pub Picnic Tables

The Bourton Range Wooden Picnic Tables are designed for easy access.

They have a very low step over section to get into the seat bench compared to A-Frame Picnic Tables where you have to climb over the bench seat.

Choose from 2,4 or 6 seater pub picnic tables.

These are heavy duty wooden picnic tables with a 5-year structural guarantee for commercial use.

These commercial pub garden picnic tables are versatile as they can be pushed together to form a longer table for bigger groups or separated for smaller parties.

Prices from £225 + VAT

Recycled Plastic Pub Picnic Tables

If you want incredibly heavy duty pub garden furniture then we recommend recycled plastic picnic tables.

The A-Frame Picnic Tables are reinforced with steel,  and come with a 25-year guarantee.

These commercial picnic tables are easy to clean with a simple wipe down and are weather proof.

Available as 6 or 8 seater A Frame Picnic Tables or as a circular 8 seater picnic table.

The circular recycled plastic picnic table comes with a 5-year structural guarantee.

From £560 + VAT

Disabled Access Pub Picnic Tables

We have specifically designed a range of picnic tables that are accessible for wheelchair users to join the table.

Choose from a circular picnic table where everyone can face each other around the table or an extended top A-Frame picnic table where wheelchair users can sit each end.

The circular 6-seater picnic table allows access for up to 3 wheels chairs so seats a total of 9 people.

The extended top A-Frame picnic table allows 2 wheelchairs to pull up to the table with 6 people seated, so a total of 8 people seated.

Talk to us if you have any bespoke requirements and we can determine how we can help. 01926 889922


We're happy to advise on Picnic Tables

We have been supplying picnic tables to pubs for over 15 years so we’ve got experience in what works and what doesn’t.

Please give us a call to talk through what would suit your pub garden the best.

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