“This month its all about the wasps. Be careful where you place your litter bins around your eating areas.  Wasps are out in full force and need no encouragement to come and join your customers while they are enjoying drinks and summer snacks.
Placing your litter bins a good walking distance away from your dining and cafe furniture will help keep the wasps at bay.  Displaying some signs for where your litter bins are located will be helpful to your customers too.  It is also worth noting that if you have picnic areas in and around your orchards or fruit trees, do be sure to pick up any fallen fruit.  Wasps will feast on rotting fermented fruit flesh and this will make them off balance,  troublesome and more inclined to sting.

As the family summer holidays draw to an end don’t forget to look at ways to entice your retired clientele.  Advertising your delicious menus, local walks and your live sports coverage is a great way to ‘hook’ this group of customers.

If you are planning an end of season review I would be delighted to spend some time with you. Just give me a call on 0800 6888 983 to arrange.”

Steve Grimes, Consultant, Holiday Park & Tourist Attraction Division